AIGETOA AP Circle body meeting with CGMT,AP Circle and all senior officers in Circle Office

The new AIGETOA- AP Telecom Circle body headed of CS Sh.M V Satyanarayana & CP Sh.K Uma Mahendra along with ACS HQ Sh.J Srinivasa Rao, CVP1 Sh. SKNVK Satyanarayana ,ACS3 Sh. V Ranga Rao ,ACS5 Sh. V Praveen Kumar ,ACS6 Sh. C Nagaraju AP has met CGMT-AP today and submitted the GS AIGETOA letter of recognition of newly elected list of office bearers. The team was also accompanied by Ex CS Shri. Venugopala rao, Ex CP Shri. Haribabu,AGS Shri.Fazal Ahmed,Ex Chairman Shri.Srinivasa Rao,DS CO VJ Shri.Vijay Kumar and DP CO VJ Shri.Srinivas.

The team was warmly received by CGM & Team honored CGM with a bouquet & shawl. CGM expressed his happiness seeing newly elected young office bearers. He said both the management & team AIGETOA would work together for improving the AP performance. He wanted us to come up with novel ideas for betterment of work style. He opined that resolution of an HR issue after meeting him is something like failure of administration. He wants to strengthen the system. The Circle office would open for competent senior officials for a good working culture. He also promised that he would call for a VC instead of physical meetings with the associations to save time & journey for resolution of issues.

CP Sh.K Uma Mahendra also apprised CGM that the one network concept should be made realistic & the team concerned should be strengthened to yield fruitful results.

CS Sh.M V Satyanarayana asked about the need for strengthening non territorial circles as they are playing a vital role these days. There is a need for strengthening the One network to improve the QoS at the Customer level and Network should be monitored 24×7.CGM said he would plan a model NOC at VJW. The shortage of staff in ATP CNTX-S was brought to the notice of CGM. He assured that the shortage of staff in any of the STR wings would be analyzed every 6 months & the staff in the BA/OA would be deputed accordingly to ease the pressure due to huge road widening in STR routes. GMs concerned would submit the requirement for projects and maintenance regularly.

CS Sh.M V Satyanarayana has apprised CGM that on closure of exchanges recently the assets are left without attention. He opined that the assets like DP Posts in those areas need to be worked out for scrapping through MSTC in as is where is basis before they are lost. This would fetch the company a huge amount. CGM accepted the proposal as a good one and he would explore & look into that.

CGM expressed that the systems should have the coordination for yielding the best results. AP Circle has had a very good system from the beginning. We are not needed if there are no problems. We are here to solve the issues. He said he is against tire-some huge working hours & wants us to enjoy the job during the working hours.

This first meeting was a significant step in strengthening our relationship with the AP Circle management and we are hopeful that it would bring positive outcomes for the benefit of our members and BSNL as a whole.

After that, the Circle body met PGM CFA, Sr GM Finance, GM HR, GM TX, GM EB and GM Krishna BA, and the Team honored all officers with a bouquet and shawl.

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