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All India Graduate Engineers & Telecom Officers Association




Message from C.S.

. A lot needs to be accomplished and the passage is not going to be easy, but perseverance, commitment and effort to the task in hand, will definitely deliver the success that we look forward for. behind every dark cloud, there is a silver lining promising us of good days ahead.  Be dedicated, be patient and the future will be ours..

                            With regards
                             G.Veerabhadra Rao

Circle Bank Account:

    A/C No     :  30801386944,  SBI,  Kondapur Branch,   Hyderabad

Important Information

1 .

Executive proceeding for Kolkata for joining in CTD as per LDCE promotion order are requested to contact.

1) Mr. Kuntal Paul ACS-II/CTD 9432001586
2) Mr. S C Mondal CWC member/CTD 9433400568
They are also requested to send their Bio data(work experience) to immediately.

Latest News


19.05.2015 : Pamphlet to be circulated and tagged on notice board for wide coverage of our protest
Click here for the Pamphelt


13.05.2015 : AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA under the banner of UF of BSNL Executives' Association served a notice for organizational actions

AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA under the banner of United Forum of BSNL Executives' Association served a notice for organizational actions to protest against the arbitrary recruitment of Management Trainees and non-settlement of long pending HR issues. Click here for Notice   &  Click here for copy of the UF letter dated 03.09.2014


  1. Immediate withdrawal of the MT recruitment notification dated 1st May 2015, scrapping the MT RR altogether and implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy in BSNL. No lateral entry of fresher’s at any level above JTO/JAO/Equivalent.

  1. Resolution of various other pending HR issues like finalization of standard pay scales (E2 for JTO/Equivalent and E3 for SDE /Equivalent), Holding of CPCs to fill up vacant JAG/STS/Group B etc. The issues have already been submitted by this forum as enumerated in Annexure-II of this letter.

Protest activity and schedule is as follows:

  • 18-05-2015 to 25-05-2015Signature Campaign and bearing black badges.

  • 25-05-2015 - Lunch hour demonstration at SSA/Circle/BSNL CO Level.

  • 09.06.2015 and 10.06.2015 - Two days Dharna at SSA/Circle/BSNL CO Level.


13.05.2015 : Reconstitute of committee on HR issues

BSNL CO reconstituted the committee to look into the issues raised by the United forum with a deadline of 15-8-2015.
The Committee will be focussing on the 3 main issues:-
Standard pay scale
CPSU Hirearchy in BSNL
First time Time Bound Promotion uniformly for 4 years

Click here for the BSNL CO letter


12.05.2015 : Call for General strike to save the Public sector and workers rights

Forum of unions/Associations of AP Circle Unanimously passed the resolution in favour of STRIKE CALL given by Central Trade Unions.

Click here for the resolution copy


12.05.2015 : Meeting of Forum of Executives and NOn executives @BSNL bhavan

Forum of executives and Non executives held a meeting at BSNL Bhavan on 8-5-2015 to address the members about the Outcome of the meeting with DOT secretary. Ashok babu,BSNLEU AIVP, Convenor of the Forum, explained the meeting outcome.
All the Circle secretaries of the Forum:-
NFTE,BMS,FNTO,AIGETOA,AIBSNLEA.SNEA atteneded the meeting and brified about the discussions taken place with the DoT Secretary.
Shri.B.Laxman,AIVP,Shri. P. Ramu CFS,Shri Mohan DS attended the meeting along with CS.


05.05.2015 : GS Visit to Hyderabad:

After attending the UF's meeting with DOT, GS, Sri.R.P Shahu halted at Hyderabad for Five hours. CS, AP Circle and DS of HTD arranged an informal meeting in Hyderabad with available leaders and members. The gathering was attended by more than 20 members.

In his interaction with members, GS has highlighted the status of all our Cadre issues and their future course of action as follows:

1) EPF Issue: Our continuous fight for EPF contribution for training period since last 8 year, has yielded the result and we won this case in the Hon’ble. High Court of Chennai , which will benefit to all the DRs.

2) In a meeting with CMD, it is agreed to release the white paper on 30% superannuation issue for further examining the issue at higher level. At present BSNL is offering us around 3% for our Superannuation Benefit, which is out rightly rejected by this Association as every justification is available for 12% and a GM level officer in BSNL cannot decide or deny our 30% benefits which are already decided by DPE. This association is committed to achieve 30% superannuation benefit from formation of BSNL. In the meeting with of UF with DOT secretary, he raised the issue of 30% SAB, up on which, DOT secretary told that it can be decided by BSNL management.

3) On standard pay scale issue, association already has filed a writ petition for instructing BSNL to give compliance on implantation of DPE orders w.r.t implementation of standard pay scales. The pay scale will be implemented in BSNL at any cost and we are deserved to have E2 for JTO and so on.

4) Our fight on pay parity issue of new bathes will be continued. There is no compromise on this issue.

5) As the Ghost MT is notified, now this association will come up with complete course of action which will make BSNL to stop the recruitment of MT permanently. We are qualified and having more than 13 year s of field experience are not ready to work under an external MT candidate who is nowhere matching to our experience. Our Career will be buried forever if we allow MT in BSNL.

6) This association is going to serve a notice along with AIBSNLEA on this MT issue very shortly.

7) There is no place for division of members w.r.t group/batch wise issues. This association will take up all the issues of DRs with same spirit.


25.04.2015 :

Forum meeting with DOT secretarty rescheduled to 01-05-2015.


25.04.2015 : CGM APTC Approved Brief Case reimbursement to all the eligible Employees.

AP Circle office has conveyed the approval of CGM for the reimbursement of the cost of Brief Case to all the eligible Employees.
AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA extends sincere thanks to CGM and the circle administration.


23.04.2015 :

The meeting with Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations & other Unions/Associations to discuss strike issues with Secretary (Telecom), DOT is rescheduled to 27th April, 2015 at 17.00 Hrs.
Click here for the letter


22.04.2015 : aigetoa ap circle appeal to the members , BSNL Executives and Non-Executives.

Dear all, the two days strike on 21st and 22nd April, 2015 was a huge & grand success. AIGETOA congratulates you all
AIGETOA AP circle is requesting you on behalf of Forum of BSNL Executives and Non-Executives to complete the assigned / pending tasks as early as possible. Because we have to get good customer satisfaction and Revenue. As all of us know that in service field customer is treated as GOD. Hence it is highly required to take care of the customer services.

SAVE BSNL and SAVE NATION by doing our duties honestly.


22.04.2015 : two days strike on 21st and 22nd April, 2015 is a grand success

Dear all, the two days strike on 21st and 22nd April, 2015 is a grand success. AIGETOA congratulate all the BSNL Executives and Non-Executives for making grand success of two days strike on 21st and 22nd April 2015 throughout the AP state.

Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations gave call for two days strike to protest against the un-helping and indifferent attitude of the DoT/Govt. and failure of the BSNL Management in providing equipment and material to field units which has adversely affected the viability of BSNL.
AIGETOA, AP circle extending our sincere thanks to all our GREAT LEADERS and members for their active participation in the strike and request all the CHQ / Circle / Branch office bearers and Secretaries to keep ready for the next harder trade union action program in terms of indefinite strike. Let us, keep the environment hot to make next struggle a great success to defeat the wrong policies of the Govt.


21.04.2015 : AIGETOA AP Fully Participated in Strike

With all The Members Participation and The Efforts of the leaders at Branch Level, District Level the 1st Day Strike witnessed huge participation of the AIGETOA members for the BSNL Forum Strike Call.
Maintain the same spirit and Make the Total Strike successful.


21.04.2015 : LDCE Notification Issued : Examination will be held on 21st June 2015

Corporate Office issued notification for holding Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for Promotion to the grade of sub-divisional Engineer (Telecom) under 33% Quota to be held on 21.06.2015.

Click here for Notification


20.04.2015 : BSNL Forum Gate demonstration @ITPC DAta centre on proposed 2 days strike.

On 20-04-2015, Shri G. Veerabadhra Rao CS, Shri M.Sreedhar Babu CHQ OS(South) participated in the gate demonstartion organised by the FORUM of BSNL Executives and Non-Executives.
All the District office bearers and members of all the associations & unions participated in Gate demonstration at ITPC-SDC on 2 days strike.
Shri G. Veerabadhra Rao CS and Shri M.Sreedhar Babu CHQ OS(South) addressed the gathering along with other leaders and advoctae the importance of the Strike and urged the members to participate in totality.


20.04.2015 : Meeting with Sr.GM(HR) on leave regularisation issue.

On 20-04-2015, Shri G. Veerabadhra Rao CS, B. Laxman AIVP met Sr.GM(HR) and discussed on the leave regularisation issue during strike period.
GM (HR) assured to expedite the things. It is going to consider this request very positively and expecting the outcome shortly like it was done in other circles. Our file is under process..


20.04.2015 : BSNL Forum Gate demonstration @Circle office on 2 days strike..

On 20-04-2015, Shri G. Veerabadhra Rao CS, Shri P. Ramu CFS, Shri B. Laxman AIVP, and all other District office bearers and members of all associations & unions participated Circle Office gate demonstration on 2 days strike.
Shri G. Veerabadhra Rao CS and Shri B. Laxman AIVP addressed the gathering along with other leaders.


19.04.2015 : BSNL Forum Gate demonstration @BSNL bhavan on 2 days strike..

On 18-04-2015, Shri G. Veerabadhra Rao CS, Shri M. Madhavarao, DP-HTD, Shri M. Mohan DS-HTD and all other District office bearers and members of all associations & unions participated BSNL Bhavan gate demonstration on 2 days strike.
Shri M. Mohan DS-HTD addressed the gathering along with other leaders.


18.04.2015 : General Executive Committee meeting of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA

Executive Committee meeting of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA of HTD branches conducted in BSNL Bhavan on 17-4-2015 @Hyderabad.
The Committee members discussed the action plan to implement the United Forum Strike Notice on 21 st and 22 nd April-2015.
The Committee also discussed the issues pertaining to ERP and BSNL MRS implementation in HTD.


18.04.2015 : BSNL Forum Gate demonstration @telephone bhavan on 2 days strike..

On 17-04-2015, Shri G. Veerabadhra Rao CS, Shri P. Ramu CFS, Shri B. Laxman AIVP, Shri M. Madhavarao, DP-HTD, Shri M. Mohan DS-HTD and all other District office bearers and members of all associations & unions participated Telephone Bhavan gate demonstration on 2 days strike.
Shri G. Veerabadhra Rao CS and Shri B. Laxman AIVP addressed the gathering along with other leaders.


17.04.2015 : Meeting with Sr.GM HR and with Circle office administration

On 17-04-2015, Shri G. Veerabadhra Rao CS, Shri P. Ramu CFS met Sr.GM(HR), DGM(Admn), AGM(Admn) and elaborately discussed on the leave regularisation issue during strike period 22-07-2013 to 08-08-2013. GM(HR) assured to expedite the things. It is going to consider this request very positively and expecting the outcome shortly like it was done in other circles.


17.04.2015 : Meeting with Sr.GM, ITPC, DC, OU CAMPUS.

A Strong protest against the implementation of shift duties in the South Data Centre , OU Campus Hyderabad was organised by all the Three Executives’ associations.
Executive associations demanded the necessity of Shift duties for which the ITPC Administration not responded positively.
With the Protest from the ITPC Staff, the management has finally agreed to kept the orders in abeyance with the intervention of CGM ITPC Pune.


17.04.2015 : Meeting with Sr.GM HR on tranfer issues

All the Executive Associations were invited by Sr.GM(HR) AP Circle on 16.04.2015 to discuss on the issue of request transfers.
Shri G. Veerabadhra Rao CS from AIGETOA attended the meeting.
It was decided to consider the request transfers of SDEs/DEs who have completed 2 years of stay.
Requested Circle Administration for calling of options to fill up the vacancies and to minimise the long standing transfers.
Request transfers in the cadre of JTOs will be discussed shortly.


16.04.2015 : United forum STRIKE on 21 and 22 april-2015

AIGETOA is part of united forum for the purpose of proposed strike and also signed the strike notice. There should not be any confusion in this regard. All member of this association are requested to fully participate in the forum strike to be held on 21st and 22nd April-2015. Branch representatives must ensure 100% participation


16.04.2015 : BSNL Unlimited calling to any network,

BSNL Introducing Unlimited calling facility from land line to any mobile/landline network.
This may be a lifeline to CFA vertical.

Clich here for the tariff


15.04.2015 : BSNL moving IN the Right direction

BSNL on the way to lead the DATA segment.
In this process it reached a mile stone of cloking 200TB DATA traffic on a SINGLE DAY

Click here for the CMD letter to all the CGMs


09.04.2015 : Convention of Joint Forum at ITPC(Dev),Hyderabad

ITPC, Development unit AIGETOA team organized the general body meeting of all the employees of Development Centre, ITPC, Hyderabad on 08-04-2015. CS and AGS of AIBSNLEA,. ACS and CP of BSNLEU, DS@ITPC, CS and OS south of AIGETOA, CS and JS South of SNEA attended and heard the views of all the members in regard to the issues pertaining to the Unit , mainly proposed shifting of part of unit to Gachibowli, working environment in some sections etc. Finally all the leaders addressed and extended their support to all the members in resolving their issues. Regarding the shifting of part of the unit to Gachibowli, it was decided to oppose the move and decided to address to management to stop the proposal and observe all the formalities before any such move.
Accordingly on 9th a letter is address to management with a copy to CGM ITPC by the forum leaders.

A Joint Forum at Development Centre formed a executive body comprising of the executives & non executives of all the associations & union.
AIGETOA AP Congratulates the newly formed body of the Forum of ITPC Development Centre and assure the CIRCLE JOINT forum to support in all the possible ways.


04.04.2015 : AP Circle Forum Convention on 1-4-2015

AP Circle level Convention on “Save BSNL Save Nation” was held in a grand manner at Asman mahal conference hall, Hyderabad on 01.04.2015 under the president ship of Com. Chandrasekhar Rao, CS NFTE,AP Circle..
The leaders from INTUC,AITUC,CITU,BMS and CHQ/Circle leaders from all Unions and Associations of BSNL atteneded and addressed the Convention and appealed to make the TWO days Strike a success.
Shri G.Veerabadhrarao CS,Sri R.Karunakar CP,Shri P.Ramu CFS,Shri D.Rajender DS Warangal,Shri.M.Mohan DS HTD,Shri.M.Madava Rao DP,Shri D.Srinivasa Rao DS Khammam and nearby district represntatives attended in large number.
AP circle level Convention unanimously passed the resolution.

Click here for the resolution
          Click here for PHOTOS


30.03.2015 : Save My Career in BSNL : Fight For Pay, Promotion & Pension

Once again all are requested to show your SENSITIVITY, by participating in the Massive Campaigning Program of AIGETOA.
Please complete all the steps.
Steps to Submit Individual Representation as Grievance to PMO PG portal :
Cl;ick here to direct to PMO PG Portal :
1. Select an Option as “Public Grievance”
2. Click on Grievance Pertains to : “Central Government Ministries/Departments”
3.Select Ministry/Department : “Department of Telecommunications”
4. Grievance Pertains to : “Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Corporate Office”
5.Grievance Category : Select as “ employee related”
6. Grievance description: Please write as “PDF file of representation is attached”
7.Do you want to upload PDF Attachment: Select “Yes” and attached the PDF File of your representation.
8.After filling the complete required information, Click on submit.
9. On submitting you will get “Your Registration Number” which you required to fill on AIGETOA online Form.

Important Note
Submission/sending of representation must be done before 31st Mar-2015, CHQ , Circle and District representatives must take the responsibility to contact each and every direct recruit.

  • One scanned copy of representation must be sent for association on email id:  for the purpose of record for future need.

  • After sending the representation and filing on grievance portal, each & every executive need to fill AIGETOA online form "Save My Career in BSNL : Fight For Pay, Promotion & Pension". Click here for online form

  • In the second step, this association will take a call for mass Dharna at BSNL corporate office and repeat the history of Dec-2008. (In Dec-2008, BSNL board was forced to take back the MT recruitment after notification).

  • Remember, Present board is completely unaware of this conspiracy against direct recruits executives and carrying forward the decision of old board. If we all the 10000 direct recruit will send their representation we hope there is no need for second step.

    Please complete all the steps.


    30.03.2015 : SAVE BSNL and Save Nation AP Circle level Convention

    All the ACSs, CVPs, DSs & DPs please note that AP Circle level convention on Save BSNL and Save Nation is being held from 1400hrs to 1700hrs at Conference hall, Asman Mahal staff quarters, Lakdikapul, Hyderabad on 01 - APRIL - 2015.
    All are requested to mobilise and participate in the convention in big numbers.
    The DSs of neighbouring SSAs are specially requested to participate without fail.


    28.03.2015 :



    26.03.2015 : Meeting with GM(HR) and DGM(Admin)

    Shri G.VeerabadhraRao CS, Shri P.Ramu CFS met Sr.GM(HR) and DGM(Admin) and discussed on the consideration of the Request Transfers of the executives and refund of the salary deducted for the agitation period.


    23.03.2015 : Kind attention representatives and members-stand of AIGETOA on major cadre issues

    Some direct recruits recruited after 01.01.2007 provoked by false statement and assurance given by some other associations, are misguiding other young direct recruits in field. As some association has claimed that BSNL authorities are ready to extend E2 pay scale for post 2007 recruited executives not for others but due to oppose of AIGETOA same is not extended. Such statement is not only hypothetical but also non-practical and non-feasible. This is nothing but planned script of one GM who has always remain negative towards the issues of executives and same is being enacted by some association to divide and attract the young direct recruits for the purpose of referendum.

    One other group is trying to divide the unity of DR by spreading that AIGETOA is opposing common LDCE with clubbing of all the vacancies and same group is trying to collect the money from the innocent young executives in the name of legal fight. Due to the effort of this association only, LDCE was notified with clubbing all the vacancy years but same could not happen due to legal hurdle created by one executives association. Now there is no chance of conducting LDCE with clubbing the vacancies. It is better to conduct separate LDCE with each vacancy year which is only fast way to extend the chance to each and every batch without having any legal hurdle. It doesn’t mean that AIGETOA is opposing conduction of single LDCE for all vacancy years.

    It is highly needed to come out with stand of AIGETOA on major cadre issues so that all the direct recruits can take informed decision to join AIGETOA. If someone thinks that they are not satisfied with the stand of AIGETOA leadership they must not wait either they must try to change the present leadership of AIGETOA or they must explore the possibility with some other association or they can find some other ways to fight individually/making groups.

    • AIGETOA will fight as a matter of right for standard pay scale for executives starting from E2 for JTO/JAO, E3 for SDE/AO and so on. For pay parity between pre and post 2007 batches, AIGETOA can only try to convince the BSNL management amicably on the ground of moral loss of executives recruited after 01-01-2007 due to this disparity which is only possible when BSNL fails in recruiting MT above JTO/JAO.

    • AIGETOA will fight as a matter of right for time bound functional upgradation at least up to DE level. First time bound promotion must be in uniform span of four years. After DE level post BSNL must formulate the policy for promoting the internal executives for management succession plan based on qualification, performance and experience based on vacancies. There is no reason of recruiting external candidates as MT/DGM.

    • Till date time bound functional promotion is implemented in BSNL, AIGETOA will fight for early conduction of LDCE with separate exams for each vacancy year so that every batch can get fair chance of promotion and can be conducted without legal hurdle. Stand of AIGETOA is that senior batches must get every chance which is due to them for getting earlier promotion than junior batches.

    • AIGETOA will fight as a matter of right against the external recruitment with or without experience at any level above than JTO/JAO in Telecom Operation and Finance.

    • AIGETOA will fight as a matter of right for pensionary benefits to direct recruits executives w.e.f. Oct-2000. From Oct-2000 to 31-12-2006 contribution towards pension scheme must be the difference pay between E2 and E1A and from 01.01.2007 onwards it must be difference of 30% of Basic +DA and (EPF + Gratuity + Post retirement medical benefits)

    • AIGETOA will fight for other issues affecting our direct recruit’s executive in mass only on merit and as per the rules and policy. Association will not fight for individual and personal issues.

    Those who are satisfied with the above stand of AIGETOA please participate in the campaigning of AIGETOA for pay, promotion and pension and send their representation latest by 31st March-2015. This will not only attract the attention of authorities but also help leadership of AIGETOA to decide next steps to move forward with this fight.


    21.03.2015 : BSNL News in media
    BSNL Introduces new pre paid STVs for low calling charges at 8 and 58
    BSNL Special CUG to MP state Govt Emplouees at Rs131
    BSNL Unlimited Post paid 3G DATA PLANS
    BSNL estimating revenue of 1000 Crores from INfra Sharing segmnet
    BSNL estimating revenue of 29000 Crores from for FY14-15


    21.03.2015 : HEartfelt condolences

    We are deeply saddened by the news of loss of Mrs Vijaya Laxmi. She was JTO of 2007 batch posted at Khadagpur SSA West Bengal Circle. She was the native of Andhra Pradesh. Being female employee and posted out of her native and on account of her critical problems, BSNL CO considered her request and issued deputation order two years back. This association has pursued several times with West Bengal Circle administration for her relieving as well as relieving of other JTOs but the West Bengal circle administration never bothered to listen to the grievances and did not relieve her. In a company where GM level officers of the SSA/circle decides the transfer and posting of JTO/SDE level officers on their own whims and fancies violating all the norms to the extent of disobedience of the orders issued by higher level, one lady officer has to wait till her death. This association is in the process of finding the facts of not relieving by West Bengal Circle despite issuance of orders by BSNL CO and not obeying to these order even after two years. May her soul rest in peace, we firmly believe that God will accept her with open arms for all the goods she has done while she was on this earth. We pray that God will grant enough strength to her friend, family and relatives needed to get through this moment in their life. Our most sincere condolences


    21.03.2015 : One true and relevant story- every direct recruit must read

    Almost one year back, one of my relatives who is owner of an civil contract firm called me and asked for suggesting the name of one candidate for the post of supervisor to supervise the work of nearly 20 employees working in his firm. He also told me the requirement for the post which is nothing but must have education at least 12th standard and must know some arithmetic calculations. Job profile of supervisor is to assign the job to employees working in firm and keep track on their work, maintain the account of expenditure and income, manage the material required for the work etc. As I know him and employees of his firm personally I just asked him that why he don’t promote one of his own employees to the post of supervisor as some of them already possess this qualification and other requirements. He justified his stand on following grounds:

    • First, all the employees already working in his firm were master of their work and seems satisfied with their current position as they are not crying for promotion.

    • Second, it was difficult to get the replacement of already working employees if he promote among them but it is easy to get from outside for the post of supervisor as it was difficult for him to train the employees for actual work on field while it was very easy for him to train for supervisory work.

    Although I had tried him to convince otherwise but he remain stood on his stand. Finally I had suggested one person known to me and he got appointed as supervisor. After six months, I had received call from my relative that he had expelled the supervisor and promoted one existing employee. When I asked the reason he told that I was right. As supervisor did not know anything about the working of firm, requirement of material etc started ordering the existing employees which was hard to be obeyed by them. As some of the existing employees were equally qualified, having vast experience of the working in firm and remain loyal to the firm for year together, they could not digest the act of the owner to appoint supervisor from outside ignoring them. Slowly employees who were working by their own have stopped working and started complaining to the owner regarding the knowledge and behavior of supervisor. Work of the firm was getting badly affected and work environment became worst which had forced my relative (the firm owner) to change his decision. Now everything is ok…...

    Few days before when we asked the then CMD that engineering graduate having 12 years of experience in any private company are eligible for DGM recruitment in BSNL then why engineering graduate having more than 12 years experience in BSNL itself are not eligible for DGM recruitment? It was shocking reply that engineering graduates in BSNL are not recruited to become DGM. Similarly many direct recruits get first chance to appear in LDCE-2012 for SDE (T) after passing more than 10 years, when we asked why BSNL has made LDCE paper with number of wrong question/answer then one of our senior manager replied that such questions were included deliberately to restrict the passing of candidates else who will work as JTO.

    Friends just think if we the direct recruit’s executives are existing employees of the above firm (BSNL) and recruitment of external MT/DGM are our supervisor. Just think what will happen to our beloved company BSNL and work environment? Are we satisfied with our same job profile till our retirement? Shall we not cry for our promotion to the managerial cadre? Shall our BSNL board realize this fact?

    Our BSNL board will realize this facts or not but we are surly not satisfied with our same job profile till our retirement. We will surely not allow the external candidates above us having similar qualification and no idea about BSNL working. We are surly not ready to be ordered by the external candidates having no idea about BSNL working. Last but not least, we will not wait to cry and complain after experiencing the behavior of external candidates.

    So for response from the direct recruitment in submitting the representation as uploaded by association is not satisfactory. This association is receiving several calls that submitting representation to number of authorities are time taking and expensive but we believe that this is very less time taking and expensive if we realize the consequences of the issues. Association doesn’t have any other ways to show the concern (cry) of direct recruits for such critical issues and get it resolved. Although 20th March was given last date for submission of representations but considering the very poor response from direct recruits executives till date this association has decided to extend the date till 31st March-2015. All direct recruits executives are requested to submit their representations without bothering the cost and time. Your representation will not only show your concern about the issues and togetherness but also protect your legal rights for future. This togetherness will give us strength and confidence for fighting further on these critical issues. This association will analyze the total number of representation after 31st march-2015. If response remains still poor then this association will be forced to leave all these issues


    21.03.2015 :



    19.03.2015 : our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter

    It is really disappointing to see the U-turn of some of the executive associations who had been justifying years together with BSNL management that experience matters but now their stand is very diplomatic in justifying MT/DGM recruitment. On the justification of experience they have not been given only service weightage in EPP due to which absorbed executives get first time upgradation in 4 years while DR get in 6 years but also got en-block seniority over DR. They have vigorously pursued and achieved for relaxation of qualification in BSNLMSRR on pretext of experience due to which all the absorbed executives even having primary education are eligible for promotion to the post of DE and DGM. Few years back BSNL had rejected the proposal of Petorda committee (formed under direction of Honorable Prime Minister of India) to recruit some professional at the level of GM, CGM and above on the justification that this will disaster for the moral of ITS officers who will not like to work under any external candidates.

    BSNL has every power to make recruitment at any level and this association is not at all against any recruitment at any level if it is meant for talent acquisition but not for any other reason. BSNL management is free to higher professionally qualified candidates from institute like IIM and experienced professionals from open market at higher level. This association not only believes but confident that direct recruit professionally qualified JTO and JAO having more than 3 to 12 years experience are best in the country to handle the responsibility of higher post in Telecom Operation and Finance. This is totally wrong justification being given by some executives associations and BSNL management that BSNL need to recruit professionally qualified external candidates in the name of MT/DGM to handle the responsibility of managerial post. BSNL has already recruited best talent of professionally qualified candidates in the name of JTO/JAO, the need is only to formulate contemporary career policy so that these qualified candidates can be groomed and promoted timely to the managerial post.

    • We are not ready to accept such an ill-treatment that one candidates having 12 years of experience in any private company are talented enough to be appointed as DGM in BSNL but more qualified executives of BSNL having more than 12 years of experience in BSNL itself are not talented to handle the responsibility of DGM post.

    • We are not ready accept that one fresh candidate recruited as MT at E3 is talented enough to be groomed to handle the responsibility of managerial post in BSNL but professionally qualified executives of BSNL already working at E3 and above are not talented to be groomed to handle the responsibility of managerial post in BSNL.

    • So for we have worked under non-technical and non-professional employees in the name of experience but now after getting experience in BSNL and having all the professional qualification we are not ready to work under fresh candidates.

    • We are not ready to accept that BSNL is having money to extend pay revision benefits to more than 2.5 lakhs employees of BSNL but not having money to provide same benefits by extending E2 and pay parity to the professionally qualified executives recruited on or after 01-01-2007.

    • We are not ready to accept that BSNL upgraded the pay (pre-revised 6500 to 7450) of JTO working on deputation in BSNL from DOT but degrading the pay (E1A TO E1) of JTO recruited by BSNL itself after pay revision.

    • We are not ready to accept that all the absorbed employees including our board of directors need handsome pensionary benefit for survival of their retired life but direct recruits executives of BSNL are forced to retire without any pensionary benefits. We are also not ready to accept that BSNL is having money to extend perks and allowances to all the 2.5 lakhs absorbed employees and ITS officers working on deputation but not having money to provide superannuation benefit to direct recruit employees of BSNL.

    It is a humble appeal of AIGETOA to All the DR executives of BSNL please don’t be lured and wait anymore; no other association will help you out. It is disappointing to see that some direct recruits executives joining other association who are working against our pay, promotion and pension. Government has already directed BSNL to formulate complete and comprehensive HR policy, finalization of standard pay scale and superannuation benefit is in advance stage. This is high time to act together for all the direct recruits. Please send representation as uploaded on front page of this association. This is only way to show our protest in mass. If we all 12000 direct recruit will send this representation this will definitely attract the attention of authorities and give them sufficient base to intervene in policy decision in BSNL on HR issues.

    Just remember the great quote “our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”. “in the end we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends”:


    19.03.2015 : Kind attention young DR-JTOs of year 2007 onwards

    LDCE for SDE (T) is only possible with separate exam for each vacancy year. Some group who are habitual of luring money by playing the sentiments of the innocents are trying to convince DR-JTOs of year 2007 onwards to challenge the decision of Honorable Shimla High Court and started collecting money. There is no any merit in challenging this decision; merely filing appeal in higher court will not give any fruitful results. It is only the way to lure money. Even if, this decision is challenged in higher court it will take more than 10 years to receive final decision. There is only solution to conduct the LDCE with year wise vacancy without any hurdle which can enable all batches to get chance of appearing in the LDCE within one year or even before.

    This association appeals to all the DR executives, don’t waste your time and money in running pillar to post. Remain united with single platform, have faith on top leadership and extend your unconditional support and commitment on association call. This is only way to resolve very critical issues in respect of pay promotion and pension. All must submit the representations as displayed on website as early as possible.


    18.03.2015 : Retention of SDE in AP circle

    With continuous efforts and Persuasion of the AIGETOA AP,Y. RAMU NAIDU SDE posted to CTD in LDCE promotion retained in AP Circle under humanitarian ground.
    Click here for the letter
    AIGETOA AP thankful to the AP Circle administartion specially Shri G.S.Marshall Sr.GM (HR)for taking up the issue and AIGETOA CHQ team for their efforts at BSNL Corporate Office.


    18.03.2015 : Leave regularisation of the ITPC Staff

    CS,Shri G.Veerabadhra Rao met GM(Dev) and discussed the Leave regularisation of the executives participated in the agitation.CS Discussed with GM-FIN, GM-HQ and CGM Pune on phone and requested to resolve the issue.After elaborated discussion CGM sir has given the directions from Pune (HQ) to ITPC administration to do leave regularisation. with that all the ITPC (Dev) staff submitted the E/L forms for the periods July-13,Aug-13 and Feb-14 today for the leave regularisation.
    we are very much thankfull to CGM, GM-HQ , GM-fin, GM-Dev & GM-DC in this regard.


    16.03.2015 : Save My Career in BSNL : Fight For Pay, Promotion & Pension

    BSNL on the way of degrading the direct recruit JTO cadre to E1 level and creating space for another direct recruitment at E3 level in the name of MT (Management Trainee) - Shall we see our career getting demolished, degradation of pay and denial of retiral benefits by just seating idle ???? Big NO… So Let us all start this fight together and tell BSNL Management that we are qualified executives and ready to perish in the "Fight of Self Respect, Dignity & Justice". Our recruitment is already as MT and we are the successor of BSNL Management. We must be given our dues in terms of Pay, Promotion & Pension. There is no space for another direct recruitment above us.

    To stop this AIGETOA Launched Massive Campaigning Program.
    Click here for the Activities to be performed

    Important Note:

    1. Submission/sending of representation must be done before 20th Mar-2015, DS and District Representatives must take the responsibility to contact each and every direct recruit.

    2. One scanned copy of representation must be sent for association on email ids:   for the purpose of record for future need.


      13.03.2015 : Congratulations to one and all- Hon’ble Madras High Court dismissed the appeal of BSNL on EPF contribution for training period.

      Today the Hon’ble Madras High Court has dismissed BSNL’s Appeal filed against the order of Single Bench in matter of EPF contribution on Stipend paid during Pre-induction training of all direct recruits.

      This association has been trying to convince BSNL authorities regarding contribution of EPF for pre-appointment training since year-2005 but same is not considered. Finally this association through it’s representatives had filed the case in EPFO where order was delivered in favor of us. But some vested interest sitting in corporate office on deputation and enjoying various illegal benefits instead of implementing said order, preferred to appeal in Hon’ble High Court of Madras just to put loss to direct recruits. Single bench of Hon’ble High Court Madras also delivered judgment in favor of us but said order was not implemented. During the agitation of this association in Aug-2013, Director (HR) clearly directed GM (Establishment) to implement the said order but GM (Establishment) instead of implementing has directed to pursue the case in double bench of Hon’ble Madras High Court. This association has warned GM (Establishment) regarding huge penalty to be imposed by EPFO with every passing day but he claimed himself to be right for not implementing the said order. Finally this association has decided to defend the case in Hon,ble Madras High Court through one of the applicant Sh Surinder Mahar (Ex-AGS and chairman of legal committee of this association). Now Hon’ble Madras High court has out rightly rejected the appeal of BSNL. As per this order, BSNL will have to pay EPF contribution (i.e. employee's contribution as well as employer’s contribution) along with interest on the amount of stipend paid during pre appointment training. This order is applicable to all direct recruit employees. All the direct recruits will be benefited by about 25-30 thousands. The same GM is handling the case of pay scale and superannuation issue and working on same mentality to put loss to direct recruits. BSNL must not only make EPF contribution along with interest but also must fix the responsibility to this GM and recovery must be made from his personal account. BSNL must also scrutinize such officers posted on deputation but working against the interest of BSNL and it’s employees. All such officers must be immediately sent back to their parent department. This association will ensure that personal responsibility must be fixed to the responsible authority in this case, if need arise this association will file separate case for fixing personal responsibility so that no such vested interest can dare to work against the interest of the company and it’s employees.

      This association is extremely thankful to Sh. Surinder Mahar, AO Kurukshetra for strongly pursuing this case. Order copy expected soon.


      13.03.2015 : Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations served Notice for two days strike

      Forum of BSNL Associations and Unions have Served revised notice for two day strike on 21st and 22nd April-2015. In the revised notice 30% superannuation benefits for direct recruits has been included as promised by convener. Now this association is an official constituent of the forum for this proposed strike. All the representatives are requested to please act accordingly.
      Click here for strike notice


      13.03.2015 : BSNL News in media
      Govt rules out privatisation of BSNL, MTNL

      No plan to shut down MTNL: Ravi Shankar Prasad View media report


      10.03.2015 : cs, cfs met GM HR

      G.Veerabadra Rao CS,P.Ramu CFS met GM(HR) on DPC matter, Consideration of Request Transfers of Executrixes, Refund of salary cut for the agitation period and subscription deduction thorough salary.
      GM(HR) agreed to look into the issues.


      05.03.2015 : CS met GM(Dev),ITPC-HYD

      05-03-2015 CS, met GM(Dev)-ITPC and discussed on salary cut of AIGETOA ITPC memebers,PENSION, and staff matters .
      GM assured to look into the issues on merit.

      AIGETOA AP thankful to GM (Dev) for providing GUIDANCE in RESOLVING OUR ISSUES.


      05.03.2015 : AIGETOA AP met Shri B.Dathathreya,Hon. Union Minister for Labour and Employment

      Forum of Unions and Associations of HTD met Shri B.Dathathreya,Hon. Union Minister for Labour and Employment and submitted a memorandum during his visit to BSNL Bhavan today and also taken personal appointment to explain the plight of the DRs and Issues related to social security (30% superannuation)
      CS, Mohan DS,Ramakrishna ADS,Hyderabad Finance Secretary along with other Association members met Union Minister for Labour and Employement.
      Clich here for the glimpse


      03.03.2015 : CS and CFS met Sr.GM(HR)

      On 03-03-2015,G.Veerabadra Rao CS,P.Ramu CFS met Sr.GM(HR)and asked to expedite the AIGETOA AP issues related to salary cut ,subscription deduction through salary and other staff matters.
      Sr.GM(HR) responded positively and assured to look into the matter.


      01.03.2015 : Shri P.V.Muralidhar is the new CGM for APTC

      Shri P.V.Muralidhar, PGM, HTD Promoted and posted as CGMT AP Circle.
      AIGETOA AP met Shri P.V.Muralidhar and Congratulates on his promotion as CGM APTC and extends total support in accomplishing the tasks ahead.

      Clich here for the glimpse


      01.03.2015 : V.Srinivasan CGM APTC retires today

      Shri V.Srinivasan Chief General Manager Telecom, A.P Circle retiring today on attaining the age of superannuation.
      AIGETOA AP remebers the guidance provided on various issues and accolode the efforts in early completion of Cell-one Phase-VII project,Improving Broadband QoS and various measures in improving the revenue.
      On this Occassion AIGETOA AP wishes a lengthy and satisfied life ahead
      Clich here for the glimpse