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All India Graduate Engineers & Telecom Officers Association




Message from C.S.

. A lot needs to be accomplished and the passage is not going to be easy, but perseverance, commitment and effort to the task in hand, will definitely deliver the success that we look forward for. behind every dark cloud, there is a silver lining promising us of good days ahead.  Be dedicated, be patient and the future will be ours..

                            With regards
                             G.Veerabhadra Rao

Circle Bank Account:

    A/C No     :  30801386944,  SBI,  Kondapur Branch,   Hyderabad

Important Information

1 .

Executive proceeding for Kolkata for joining in CTD as per LDCE promotion order are requested to contact.

1) Mr. Kuntal Paul ACS-II/CTD 9432001586
2) Mr. S C Mondal CWC member/CTD 9433400568
They are also requested to send their Bio data(work experience) to immediately.

Latest News



On 15th April, 2014, under the banner of United Forum, CS, CS(SNEA), CS(AIBSNLEA), and ACS(F) AIBSNLEA met Shri V.Srinivasan, CGMT AP Circle requested to retain the executives till completion of general Parliament & Assembly Elections, as these executives are also cast their vote along with their family voting members. CGMT AP Circle responded positively and instructed the officers concerned to do the needful. Shri G.S.Marshall GM(HR & Admin) AP Circle was present during discussions. UNITED FORUM express our sincere thanks to CGMT AP for accepting our request.


16.04.2014 : EG SSA DIst Conference and AGM-2014 at Rajahmundry a Grand success :

AIGETOA East Godavari SSA conducted their 3rd District Conference and AGM-2014 in a grand way on 12th April,2014.

The Chief Guest, Honorable Shri K V V Satyanarayana Sr.GM addressed the gathering and inspired every one present with his speech. He had an interactive session with all the delegates present spending 3 long hours, for which AIGETOA EG District Body is immensely thankful.

Chief Guest-Shri K V V Satyanarayan,Sr GM,EG SSA
Guest of Honour :Circle Secretary - G. VEERABHADRA RAO,
CWC Member-Sri D Venugopal,DS Krishna SSA
CWC Member -Sri Fazal Ahmed,

  1. Before starting of Open House session CS, CWC members and DS EG SSA had an elaborate interaction with Sr.GM on issues of Direct Recruits which are being persued by AIGETOA. GM felt that there is need of uniformity in all aspects on par with departmental employees.
  2. Open House session on "Measures to increase revenue share in DATA Segment." where the discussions were emphasizing on
    1. Marketing Strategies should target Engineering/Medical/other Educational institutions where students are potential DATA users(3G).
    2. DEMO facility for Data products should be made available at CSC level.
    3. Brand visibility may be increased for BSNL products.
    4. Marketing of DATA vouchers need to be aggressive on par with voice vouchers
    5. Unlimited 3G data plans for students exclusive.
  3. CS@AP/AIGETOA has briefed the our long pending issues. Explained how to to increase revenue share in DATA segment with data record comparison our own BSNL in every year and also comparison with other telecom companies.
  4. CS and CWC members explained the ongoing CHQ issues and interacted with all the members to explain in detail the members queries.

We thank Shri K V V Satyanarayan,Sr GM,EG SSA for his precious time and inspiring words.

AIGETOA AP Congratulates all the elected district body members

  1. M Ram Kiran-DP,
  2. K.Ravi Kumar-DS,
  3. K.Suresh Kumar-DFS

Click Here for the Images



All the members are cordially invited to the District Conference and AGM-2014 of East Godavari SSA on 12thApril,2014 i.e. coming Second Saturday At Conference Hall ,Sanchar Bhavan,Rajahmundry.

The Chief Guest of the function Sri. K.V.V Satyanarayana, Sr.GMTD, BSNL,EG Dist is going to Address the gathering and the Open House Session is on "Measures to Increase the Market Share of BSNL in the Data Segment"
Hence it is requested that all the members be present at venue before 10 am and make it grand success.



08.04.2014 : Resolutions of AIGETOA CHQ CEC held at Bhopal, MP on 5th & 6th April 2014 :

As scheduled, CEC of AIGETOA was held in Bhopal on 5th and 6th April 2014. Representatives from various parts of the country and CHQ office bearers attended the meet. Various aspects related to organizational aspects of AIGETOA and the current issues related to President AIGETOA were discussed. The house unanimously rejected the resignation of President AIGETOA and other CHQ members. It was agreed that the changes in the governing body of AIGETOA, if any can be taken up in next AGM. It was also resolved that MP circle body will take up the matter with MP circle administration for unconditional withdrawal of all the disciplinary action taken by MP Administration against the members including apology from the CGM MP for his uncalled for remarks against the AIGETOA leadership. It was also decided that after waiting some more days for the recommendations of HLC, AIGETOA CHQ may take up the decision of launching agitational programs again if there is unnecessary delay in sharing of the report and its recommendations with association and also if they are not based upon the merit of the case and various orders issued from DPE, GOI, DOT time to time. The house reiterated its faith in the current leadership and ensured the support of all the members for the endeavors of AIGETOA CHQ in regard to the various issues related to the direct recruits. The whole house was of the view that AIGETOA should always be ready for the extreme if nothing comes out through amicable means.

Click here for the CEC Resolutions
Photos of 5th & 6th April 2014. Click here for Glimpses of CEC


05.04.2014 : New Document On 04-04-2014 : Shri R. Karunakar CP@AP Circle & Shri B. Lakshman AIVP have started to BHOPAL to attend the CEC meeting

On 04th April,2014 To discuss various issues related to MP Circle & our cadre issues Shri R. Karunakar CP@AP Circle & Sri B. Lakshman AIVP@AIGETOA have reached BHOPAL. All the members are requested to give your valuable suggestions as early possible or at least by tomorrow morning 10 'o' clock for discussion in the meeting to

On 03-04-2014 : CS , Sri T. Narender Kumar OS @AP Circle, ShriB. Lakshman AIVP and other members met Shri G.S. MARSHAL, ITS, Sr.GM (HR), AP Circle.

On 03thApril,2014 Sri G. Veerabhadra Rao CS & Sri T. Narender Kumar OS@AP Circle Shri B. Lakshman AIVP and other members met Shri George Santhosh Marshal, ITS, Sr.GM(HR), AP Circle, and discussed about general transfer issues & 31-03-2014 CTD relieving issues.


01.04.2014 : on 29.03.2014 : CS and Sri T. Narender Kumar OS @AP Circle met Shri. Rama Rao AGM(Admn), AP Circle..

On 29th March,2014 Sri G. Veerabhadra Rao CS & Sri T. Narender Kumar OS@AP Circle met Shri Rama Rao AGM (Admn), AP Circle, Hyd, to produce the CHIEF ELECTORAL OFFICER, AP, ORDER letter to the AGM(Admn) O/o the CGMT, AP Circle, Hyderabad with the subject “General Elections-2014-Model Code of conduct –AIGETOA- Transfer of certain BSNL Executive – Request to stop the implementation of transfers till the end of the Poll Process”.

The ORDER says that “it is requested to keep the transfer orders in abeyance till the completion of the elections”

Click here for The CHIEF ELECTORAL OFFICER, AP, Hyd,. ORDER copy

on 28.03.2014 : AP Circle & HTD body members and common members met Shri Banwarlal IAS, CEO, AP.

On 28th Circle body members of AIGETOA AP met Sri Banwarlal IAS, Chief electoral Officer, Andhra Pradesh requested him to STOP THE IMPLEMENTATION OF TRANSFERS TILL THE END OF THE POLL PROCESS. So he assured the positive assurance in this regard.. Click here for the request letter

28.03.2014 : CS and Sri T. Narender Kumar OS @AP Circle met Shri G.S. MARSHAL, ITS, Sr.GM (HR), AP Circle.

Sri G. Veerabhadra Rao CS & Sri T. Narender Kumar OS@AP Circle met Shri George Santhosh Marshal, ITS, Sr.GM(HR), AP Circle, to request him to stop the relieving order of the 31-03-2014 CTD & other circles of SDEs promoted under the 33% LDCE quota.. Explained in detail not to relieve the officers, with request letter which has all the concerned points( for letter refer the link below), GM sir listened to all the points patiently and discussed various reasons due to which he couldn’t stop the issue of the relieving order for the LDCE officers.

It is understood that some unknown elements are working against in this regard. We must be very vigilant in this regard. These elements are also working against on other points belonging to us. By adopting these ways no one can reap any benefit nor can create any personal/organizational loss.

Due to various other reasons and administrative reasons GM sir is unable to give any positive response.

Click here for the request letter

AIGETOA personally requesting all such elements kindly help them who are in need & facing lot of problems in personal or cadre wise issues also. For this kind act we will be very thankful to them.


28.03.2014 : epfo to provide permanent numbers from October

EPFO to provide permanent numbers from October. Click here for news


22.03.2014 : New Document CS WILL BE OUT OF THE STATION FROM 23-03-2014 TO 31-03-2014.

Members are requested to contact Sri R.KARUNAKAR – 9490133778 / Sri G. SATISH – 9490134460 / Sri T. NARENDER -9441155511 in case of any issues.


22.03.2014 : CS Requests to United Fourm Convenor to intervene in fixing the Pay disparity of JTO&JAO-2007 Batches.

On 14th March,2014 Sri.G.Veerabhadra Rao (CS) spoke personally to the convenor of United Fourm and GS'es of AIGETOA,SNEA, AIBSNLEA to intervene in the issue ofRequest to intervene in fix the Pay disparity, regarding pay loss in salary w.r.t.pre-revised salary after pay revision of JTO&JAO-2007 & Above batches of direct Recruitees in BSNL.. Click here for the letter


22.03.2014 : CS Requests to United Fourm Convenor to intervene in fixing the Pay disparity of DR TTA.

On 14th March,2014 Sri.G.Veerabhadra Rao (CS) spoke personally to the convenor of United Fourm and GS'es of AIGETOA,BSNLEU, NFTE, SNATTA to intervene in the issue of Pay Disparity, regarding pay loss in salary w.r.t. pre-revised salary after pay revision of DR TTA-2007 & Above batches of direct Recruitees in BSNL. Click here for the letter


15.03.2014 : New Document CS, AIVP meeting with GM(HR) on 11-MARCH-2014

CS along with AIVP Sri. B.Laxman met GM(HR) and discussed about possible extension of SDE(T) LDCE retention cases in AP in the view of general elections and to forward the personal representation from such candidates to Corporate Office. GM HR agreed to forward some of the genuine cases and he suggested to discuss with CGM for further assurances. We also discussed about general transfers of Executives and submitted requesting letters from association side and GM sir responded positively.

We also explained about our recent agitation and its latest developments. We requested to give instructions to filed units to convert the salary cut in to EL (Regularising the leave/strike period). Second time we submitted the requesting letter on the same issue. All the DS&DPs are requesting the same to submit the letters to your concern GM sir and give copy to the CGM sir & CS@AIGETOA/AP Circle. Letter format mailed you.

CS, AIVP meeting with Addl.GM(Admin) on 11-MARCH-2014

CS along with AIVP Sri. B.Laxman met Addl.GM (Admin) and briefed about the discussion held with GM HR, where madam also suggested to have meeting with CGM on the retention issue of SDEs. We also discussed about general transfers of Executives, where, Addl.GM (Admin) informed that, due to code of conduct in place, it may be delayed to May-June 2014. We discussed about some of genuine transfer cases from Khammam and Tirupathi SSA, where she responded positively.


14.03.2014 : New Document BSNL CPSU Policy Draft

At last BSNL management issued the much awaited CPSU policy after repeated pursuasion of AIGETOA. The policy however was supposed to be meritocratic and should have given weightage to qualification. But all such things appears to be beyond the scope of management for reasons best known to them . Any how still some breakthrough is there and we respect that.

AIGETOA AP Circle is requesting all the members & DRs of BSNL to send their feedback on the BSNL CPSU Policy as early as possible to &

Click here for BSNL CPSU Policy Draft


12.03.2014 : Re-constitution of HTD District body

It is to inform all the members of AIGETOA HTD & all the DR's of AP Circle that in view of the recent promotions and transfers in the SDE LDCE, A void has been generated in the HTD District Body.In the executive body meeting of HTD, the district body is re-constituted and the following members are co-opted in presence of Sri.G.Veerabhadra Rao, CS, AIGETOA-AP Circle.

1. Sri.M.Mohan SDE Extl JHS -District Secretary - Contact No: 9490128898
2. Sri.B.Sridhar SDE IP TAX -Dist Finance Secretary - Contact No: 9441255533


12.03.2014 : Kind Attention All Direct Recruits Executives - Only You Can Help Yourself

AIGETOA is the only platform to raise the voice of direct recruit executives but AIGETOA name alone cannot help you to get your rights. It is only you who can help yourself. We are very thankful that some persons have started raising the voice for the issues related to direct recruits however in view of the history; there is a dire need to brain storm the basic before joining hands with them.

Standard pay scale of E2 to JTO/JAO: Pay scale of JTO/JAO should have been E2 from the inception of BSNL but same was downgraded to E1A to compensate for the pension contribution of absorbed JTO/JAO and the same was agreed by these so called messiahs. There is no hurdle to extend E2 pay scale to direct recruits JTO/JAO but striking for E2 pay scale to all JTO/JAO is nothing but just to create pressure to the management so that management may not extend the E2 pay scale to direct recruits. Professionally qualified direct recruits are entitled for even E3 pay scale from 01.01.2007 in lieu of upgradation of engineering graduate in Government of India and other CPSEs but the same has never been demanded for the reasons best known to them.

30% superannuation benefit: The recommendation of 30% defined contribution towards superannuation benefit in CPSEs is applicable to those who are not covered under defined benefit of government pension. Some persons are demanding the same for direct recruits through their websites but internally they are forcing the management to compare the CTC on contribution towards retirement benefit of direct recruits and absorbed executives. CPSE cadre hierarchy/no external MT, DGM: On one side, they are crying for implementation of CPSE cadre hierarchy in BSNL in respect of career progression of executives and other side they are forcing the management to degrade the bench mark and no weightage for qualification which is leading to unnecessary delay. Professionally qualified direct recruits JTO/JAO recruited through All India open competition is already MT who should have been the succession of top management in BSNL but these do not allow them to get their entitlement. They are forcing the management to put us below so that there can be scope for management to make another MT recruitment ignoring already recruited professional qualified JTO/JAO.

Executives cannot demand, in fact there cannot be any negotiation/bargaining in respect of pay, career and retirement benefit as these are finalized by Government of India through DPE. Executives can only force the management to implement the DPE orders/guidelines. All the three issues mentioned above are entitlement of Direct recruits executives in BSNL but it is demand for others. Some persons are trying to insert their individual demands in between our entitlements not to gain anything but just to create hurdles. It is really painful to see that some of the direct recruits are being part of creating hurdle on their own entitlements. This association appeals all the direct recruits to first analyze and then decide.

This association appeals to every direct recruit to please stand together on the platform of AIGETOA for your own cause. Don’t think that some of the direct recruits can enable you to get your entitlements. Don’t think that somebody will come to invite you. Some of the representatives are putting their day and night, blood and sweats. Support them who are fighting for your own cause by extending your hand before they get exhausted.

All DS and Circle Representatives are requested to go through the presentation submitted by AIGETOA to HLC and submit the same to your SSA/Circle head. Try to explain them about the issues raised by AIGETOA by having personal one to one meeting. Click here for submission by AIGETOA to the HLC & Various Annexure

AIGETOA has prepared the individual representation format for the LDCE qualified candidates but not getting benefit of one increment. This representation can be submitted by every affected member to keep alive your legal rights.

Click here for individual representation



In respect of non-resolution of long pending issues of Standard Pay Scales, Pay parity, CPSU Hierarchy, Superannuation and other issues

As regard to the non-resolution of the issues mentioned in the agreement dated 8th August 2013 with AIGETOA is concerned, AIGETOA is convening its Circle Executives Committee Meeting on 02ND MAR-2014 AT HYDERABAD where we can discuss about already AGITATION & TO TAKE THE DECISION ABOUT FUTURE COURSE OF ACTION on the proposed program of next action.

The exact location will be intimated through SMS.

  • Venue of the meeting : HYDERABAD ( Location will be intimated shortly).
  • Schedule of the meeting : From 10:00 am to 05:00 pm
  • Invitees of the meeting : All CIRCLE office bearers (elected/nominated) DIST- Secretaries, DIST- President and ALL CWC/CEC members.

It is mandatory for all DS/DP/CEC/ACS/CVP/CHQ and CWC members to attend the aforesaid meeting. Click here for notice for CEC Meet

Note : All the invitees are requested to plan their journey in such a way that they shall remain present during the scheduled meeting.

All the DS are requested to bring the information as given below Performa as a mandatory Click here for Performa

Click for the Notice



In view of the recent promotions and transfers in the SDE LDCE, A void has been generated in the HTD District Body. Hence, District President Sri.M.Madhava Rao has requested all the Direct Recruit Executives working in HTD, Circle Office, Cellone,QA, STP and STR are requested to come forward to take opportunity in working as an AIGETOA Office bearer of HTD District Body.
The available posts are :

  1. District Secretary
  2. ADS (South)
  3. ADS (North)
  4. ADS (West)
  5. Vice President (West)
  6. Vice President (Notrh)
  7. Vice President (South)
  8. Vice President (Rural)
  9. Finance Secretary
  10. Assistant Finance Secretary
  11. Organising Secretary
  12. Web Secretary

Interested candidates are requested to send their concent to the Circle Secretary via mail to, or fill up the form given below on or before 28th Feb 2014. The total HTD body will be reformed on evening of 28 Feb,2014 .
Click here to complete the form<\a>

All the District Body Office bearers of HTD are requested to attend the meeting on 28 Feb 2014 evening at First Floor of Rock Building, Telephone Bhavan for the reformation of the District Body.
Circle Body Members will also be attending the above said meeting and CS Sri.G.Veerabhadra Rao and CP Sri. R.Karunakar will chair the reformation of HTD District Body.



Details of Meeting with Secretary (DoT) and Members of the higher level committee:

On 21st Feb-2014 President Sh R P Shahu along with VP Sh Abhishek Choudhary and Sh Pransant Gaurav met Secretary DOT Sh M.F. Farooqui. The Meeting lasted for around 20 minutes. All the issues in respect of direct recruits were explained in detail and requested to consider the welfare of around 12000 executives and 20000 non-executives, directly recruited by BSNL also while taking any policy decision. Secretary (DoT) assured to look into the issues and direct the BSNL management to resolve the issues on merit. Secretary (DoT) also advised us to not to adopt the path of agitation as company is passing through a tough and critical situation. He advised to resolve the genuine grievances through amicable means. We explained to Secretary DoT that the direct recruits are covered with certain deferent sets of benefits but they are not being offered formal platform so that issues can be resolved on merit. The continued ignorance and apathy forces us to adopt the path of agitation. Secretary DOT conveyed that although he would not like to interfere in day to day working of BSNL but he will definitely convey BSNL management to take up the issues of direct recruits on priority basis.

After meeting with Secretary DOT, representatives met Addl Secretary Smt Rita teaotia who is directly looking into the various issues of BSNL. She spared sufficient time of about 40 minutes for us where each and every issue was discussed in detail. She was quite convinced with our submission on every issue and assured us to look into the issues for early resolution.

In the meanwhile GS shri Ravi Shil Verma along with AGS Amit Roy, CS HP Shri Ajit Kumar and CP HP Shri Chander Singh met the members of the Higher Level Committee in the chamber of the ED (finance) where 1st meeting of the HLC was being convened. GS explained the committee members regarding both the issues in detail, the reasons for the unrest amongst the direct recruits, the expectations from the committee members, the DPE guidelines those are being ignored for direct recruits and the situation that other set of executives and non-executives have been given their dues without bothering for financial implications. The Higher Level Committee has called us for a formal presentation over the issues on Thursday, the 27th February 2014.



In view of positive outcome and firm assurance in today’s meeting held with Director (HR) AIGETOA CHQ has decided to defer the ongoing agitational program. Members are requested to resume their duties from 21st Feb-2014. Click here for Agitation Deferment letter and details



In view of positive outcome and firm assurance in today’s meeting held with Director (HR) AIGETOA CHQ has decided to defer the ongoing agitational program. Members are requested to resume their duties from 21st Feb-2014. Detail will be uploaded shortly.


19.02.2014 : Latest Updates on AIGETOA Fight of Right :

As decided by CHQ, All DS/DP's are requested to speak to each member and ensure that they apply leave for next three days i.e from 20th Feb,2014 to 22Feb,2014 and assemble with all the members at their respective SSA Headquarters (GM Office)for brief on lunch hour demonstrations . DS/DP's are requested to take the photos and mail them to

Todays struggle for Tomorrows future.

AIGETOA is not in favour of any committees, together we can put maximum pressure on BSNL for early results.