AGM cum 3rd Circle Conference of AP Circle on 04.11.2023

AGM cum 3rd circle conference of AP circle was conducted on 04.11.2023 at MBVK Hall, Opp. Raghavaiah Park, Vijayawada in grand way. The open house session was on the topic ”Digital Transformation of India – The role of BSNL”. The chief Guest CGMT Shri.M.Seshalam,CGMT,AP Circle & Guest of honours Shri.Ravi Kumar Bunga,PGM(CFA) CO VJ,Shri.K.V.Satya Prasad,Sr GM(HR/Admn),CO VJ,Shri A Srinivasa Rao,GM(CM),CO VJ, Shri T V Prasad,GM(EB),CO VJ ,Special Invitees Shri.M Prasad Babu,CS,SEWA,Smt.K.Rama Devi,CS,BSNLEU,Shri.K Anjaiah,CS,NFTE,Shri.T.Naga Raja,CS,AIBSNLEA,Shri.T Narendar Kumar,CS,TS,AIGETOA and All India President Shri G.Veerabhadra Rao , Shri Fazal Ahmed,AGS-3, Shri S Suresh Kumar,JS South , CHQ Observer & Vice Chairman Sri Laxman Banoth , Shri V V Satyanarayana,AIP,BTEU,Shri.M Vijaya Kumar,GS,AIOBCEWA and all the leaders have addressed the august gathering on open house topic.CGMT AP Circle has given motivational speech on working culture of BSNL.

The chief Guest, Guest of honours,Special Invitees ,Senior Officers of CO VJ, All India President, AGS, JS South, CHQ Observer & Vice Chairman were felicitated by the AIGETOA AP circle body team. All collegium members and delegates from AP Circle have attended the open house session and made it a grand success. Lavish lunch followed.Later General body meeting was conducted in the presence of All India President Sri G.Veerabhadra Rao .The CS Sri Venugopala Rao has presented the AIGETOA-AP report. The CFS Shri. M V Satyanarayana has presented the Financial report for the FY 2022-2023. All the Collegium members gave their consent. All the house expressed happiness on the overall performance of the Circle body during its tenure. They requested that those who could dedicate & work for the association should only contest for the new Circle body and not for portfolio sake. Later the old Circle body was dissolved by All India President Sri G.Veerabhadra Rao.

Later the house was handed over to Returning Officer Shri.A V L Prasad,AGM MM,CO VJ & Asst.Returning officer Shri.A S R L N Suresh,SDE HCM CO VJ for conducting the Election of new Circle body in the presence of the CHQ observer & Vice Chairman CHQ Sri. Laxman Banoth. The election was conducted in true democratic spIrit and 109 collegium members participated in the election process out of 110. Sri MV Satyanarayana & Sri.K Haribabu contested for the post of CS and Shri M V Satyanarayana won the voting and emerged as new Circle Secretary of AIGETOA AP Circle. Shri. K Uma Mahindra was elected unanimously as Circle President. The other members of the circle were elected in a fair & transparent manner with the active participation of collegium members during the entire process of election.Election process was completed around 3.30AM of 05.11.2023.

Oath taking ceremony of the newly elected circle office bearers was done by the All India President Sri G.Veerabhadra Rao. The new CS M V Satyanarayana addressed the house and on behalf of the newly elected body. He thanked all the Collegium members who have come all the way from their respective areas for electing them as per bye-laws of AIGETOA. He expressed that this shows your deep concern & love towards the Association & BSNL .He assured the house that he would be more responsible & answerable to the members. He promised that they would never fail their faith & trust put on them. He thanked all the comrades who were behind this event and made this event a grand success.
The house felicitated AIP, AGS, JS South, CHQ Observer & Vice Chairman, Ex CS ,Ex CP ,Ex CFS, Ex Chairman. The house applauded RO & ARO for their excellence in conducting the election in a smooth & transparent manner. Both RO & ARO were felicitated by the house.

Newly elected AIGETOA AP Circle body

Shri.K.Uma Mahendra CP
Shri.S K N V K Satyanarayana CVP1
Shri.V Johnson CVP2

Shri.M V Satyanarayana CS
Shri.J Srinivasa Rao ACS HQ
Shri.V Ravi Kumar ACS2
Shri.V Ranga Rao ACS3
Shri.Y Bhagath Kumar reddy ACS4
Shri.V Praveen Kumar ACS5
Shri.C Nagaraju ACS6

Shri.K Ravi Kumar CFS

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