AIGETOA SKLM Update on meeting with GMTD on 20.11.2020

On 20/11/2020 Evening Mr.Gandhi, DS; Mr M Chiranjeevi , CEC MEMBER & N.Rambabu , ADS met the GMTD, Srikakulam.

A Prolonged meeting took place and discussed the following issues.

1. Pending Temp Advances: GM sir Responded Positively as and when fund received they are going to clear all temp advances and stated that the BSNL Position is daily improving and will be cleared shortly.

2.Regarding pending Request Transfers and removal of Additional charges to JTOs/SDEs: We expressed our displeasure for the delay. he assured to resolve the issues at the earliest.

3.We expressed our strong dissatisfaction in posting both the new incumbent SDEs in Urban, without considering pending request transfers and removal of additional charges.

4. Requested to rearrange the staff remained after VRS to all the Subdivisions equally and strengthen Subdivisions for better customer service. GM sir responded very positively.

5. Also discussed regarding expansion of FTTH network by increasing no.of OLTs. Discussed for betterment of workmanship in Srikakulam SSA.

Team AIGETOA, Srikakulam SSA.

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