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  •     Urgent: All the members having salary accounts in State Bank India (SBI) should give standing instructions to their bank to deposit Rs.100 in Circle Account(30801386944,SBI,Kondapur Branch, Hyderabad) on 5th of every month.  << Click here for letter>>. DS,DP and Dist. Treasurers should monitor and ensure this activity without fail.                     



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Latest News : Last Updated on 10th April 2012.

  Kindly do apply for revised 2nd PRC Fixation based on your E1-E2 Order imdtly..
  09.04.2012 : UF,AP Circle Meeting with CGMT : All CS of United forum (AIGETOA,SNEA(I) and AIBSNLEA) of executives met the CGM,AP Ciralce as per the earlier agenda of items discussed in previous meeting in presence of GM(HR),Addl.GM(Admn) and AGM(Admn). Meeting held for nearly 3 hrs. The following are the main points of the discussion:
  1. All the points which were discussed and promised in last meeting should be implemented.
  2. The cell one transfers will be kept in abeyance.
  3. We requested to consider all the requests of executives who have completed 4 years of service at respective SSAs.
  4. First provisional list will be released , may be this week end and executives will be given chance to represent their grievances if any. final orders will be issued after looking in to all such grievances.

CGMT have promised to take of all our views while issuing such orders. Many other service related issued were discussed. CGMT, assured to give AIGETOA time slot to discuss on FTTH and EB seperately.

  07.04.2012 : Circle office Notified for Volunteers from among JTOs(Telecom) for posting as Faculty members at RTTC Hyd. A.P.Circle.. <<click here for details>>
  04.04.2012 : HTD,District Executive body meeting :- HYDERABAD,District Executive body meeting held at Hotel Woodbridge,Lakadikapool. Shri.B.Laxman,CS,AIGETOAP,AP, GM(HR&MIS),HTD,DGM(Admn),HTD and Shri. D.Visweswara Rao, Circle Finance Secretary have attended the meeting. This meeting held in nice atmosphere where all the executive members have attended and shown their eagerness to strengthen the AIGETOA and BSNL by giving their valuable suggestions and issues. This is the first time in AP Circle where all the District Executive body members granted special Casual leave << Click here for letter-page-1,page-2>>for attending this meeting. We congratulate Shri.Satish,DS and Shri.Veerabhadra Rao, DP of Hyderabad who made this possible for the first time in AP Circle. Some of salient points discussed are : ** It is resolved to strengthen the financial status of AIGETOA by prompt collection of Association Subsription from the members via net banking,ECS etc.**It Resolved to take up the issue of adding one child specialty hospital in BSNLMRS panel of hospitals in Hyderabad( All the members of AIGETOA are advised to take any other family health insurance policy).** Issuing of POOR ID cards by HTD Administration for its employees, which is downgrading the BSNL and Individual's image in the market will be taken up with PGM,HTD.**Administration will be addressed to make all the EPF accounts of Hyderabad to come under single Establishment code.**Request will be made to Operations section to display the list of AMCs available as on date ,which will be easy for all the executives to utilize them properly.**NON Scrapping of BSNL equipment which is kept for years is to be scrapped immediately, which will fetch income to the department.** It is felt to have unique BSNLMRS card irrespective of SSAs/Wing in AP cirlce.**The IN related problems in Cellone section are to be taken care by expanding the Helpdesk Executives and Contact numbers for promt delivery of service to the customers.**It expressed to utilize Engineering staff in the filed rather than in Offices.**More concern was expressed on poor design and delivery of FTTH services, by BSNL, which is damaging the company's image. Poor tariff which is not as per market trend is spoiling the image of service.** major discussion was held on Enterprise Business (EB), where BSNL is not able to catch the customers at par with other operators, because of reasons like, delay in decisions, lengthy hierarchical process, no centralized mechanism to monitor the execution of these leads.(CS promised to take-up FTTH & EB issues with CGMT).**Poor signal optimization in cell sites is also expressed for degraded service in Mobile segment.** It is felt to have mechanism of informing (SMS) as we do incase of LC in case of any DSLAM failure in HTD.

Several other issues were also discussed. CS informed that, LDCE results may be released by April end and postings may given by May end. DS,HTD will raise a agenda meeting with PGT,HTD as per the issues discussed in this meeting very soon.

  30.03.2012 : AIGETOA Requests Appointment of Addl Central PF Commissioner,AP :- CS raised and Appointment Request of EPF Addl.Commissioner,Barkathpura,Hyderabad to submit many grievance faced BSNL Executives since last 10 yers.<< Click here for letter >>
  24.03.2012 : UF,AP Circle Meeting with CGMT:  The United Forum of Executives’ Associations represented by CP and, CS SNEA, CS AIBSNLEA, CS and DS AIGETOA met CGMT AP Circle in the presence of GM HR & Admn, DGM(A), AGM SR & AGM(A) and discussed on the issue of consideration of request transfers of executives. Associations thanked the CGMT for convening the meeting and taking note of our views. The meeting was held in most conducive atmosphere and we sincerely thank the CGMT and all the officers for their positive response in all the issues that were discussed. The following are the salient features.
  1. The request transfers of executives will be considered on point to point basis.
  2. The SSAs where the % of working is more than 60, request transfers will be considered without posting of substitutes.
  3. UF requested for uniform consideration of request transfers of all executives i,e two years for Tenure SSAs. For Non tenure SSAs it will be finalized as per the available requests after discussing with UF.
  4. UF requested for considering the request transfers of medical, female executives.
  5. Discrepancies in transferring of executives from Cell One to SSAs (VM, GTR, VJ, HYD)

  The administration will be working on the above guidelines and will further discuss with the United Forum of Executives’ Associations in the 1st Week of April before releasing the provisional transfer list. The final transfer list will be displayed after making corrections in the provisional list if any.

  20.03.2012 : United Forum at Warangal SSA formed << Click here for letter to CS>>,Letter to GMTD << Page 1 >>         << Page 2 >>

17.02.2012 : Meeting With PGM(Fin),AP Circle: CS along with Sri.P.Ramu,ADS,HTD and DRJTO (Recruited from TTA under DRJTO Quota) Sri. Sudarshan, JTO(MSC), WGL, Sanjeeva Krishna(TM), KRNL and Raghuram, JTO(OD)KHM-SSA attended a scheduled Meeting as per our agenda points submitted << Click here for letter>>

Arbitrary Pay Fixation of TTA to DRJTO Recruited Executives in AP Circle: We told PGM(F) that, the Pay Fixation of these executives is not done in uniform manner in all SSAs/Wings which causing different pays for the same cadre. We argued that, these appointments should be considered as Indirect Promotions as per the Swamy's Book Rules and Rule-Fr-27 and these executives are eligible to get their pay fixation with 2nd PRC implementation from their date of promotion as JTO (i.e Basic as Rs.21620/-). The PGM(FIn) agreed that, the different fixations in SSAs w/o consulting Circle Office has caused all these anomalies. But, We told that, Circle Office is responsible for these anomalies as it has given a wrong clarification with Lr.No.CA-I/BSNL-JTOs/2009 Dated 15.09.2011. Finally it was agreed to sort out all these anomalies within a month or as soon as they get the clarification form Corporate Office. The PGM(F) has finally agreed to write to Corporate Office for clarification on Two Points - a) whether their Recruitment may be considered as promotion and cane made eligible to exercise the 2nd PRC Implementation from date of next promotion as per 3.6 clause. b) If this is not considered as promotion, then, their Pay Fixation should be given as E1+5 from their Date of Appointment as DRJTO ( In this case All JTOs will get 2nd PRC arrears for the past service).<< Click here for letter submitted>>

Wrong Pay Fixation for Direct Recruited Executives on their first Time Bound Upgradation and request for Revised Fixation of Pay w.r.t 2nd PRC Clarification: We strongly demanded to extend the benefit of exercising the option as per the 2nd PRC clarification given by Corporate Office, as the promotion of executive is proponed by around 2years. PGM(F) has not agreed with our point, however, the issue will be referred to corporate office with their views on this issue for final clarification. << Click here for letter submitted>>

Centralization EPF accounts in AP Circle & Integration of E-Return Tool for EPF: We requested to start the process of centralizing all the EPF accounts which will solve many problems for both Employee and Employer. PGM (Fin) has agreed on this view and asked a separate letter on this issue for making correspondence with concerned EPFO. Integration of E-Return Tool for EPF:- We requested to integrate E-Return Tool for Employers, which is available freely on EPFO website with HR Package to avoid simplify the EPF Returns. << Click here for letter submitted>>

Discussions were held for more than 2 Hrs. DGM(CA),AO(CA-1) and other concerned officers were also present. We sincerely thank, PGM(F) and other Officers for sparing their valuable time and positive response on our issues. 


  16.02.2012 :                                               Friends!

 The organizational action call given by United Forum of BSNL executives associations comprising AIBSNLEA, SNEA and AIGETOA has been deferred following positive and firm assurance from BSNL management on the issues raised by us.

 Now that United Forum had succeeded in opening the gates towards resolution of our long pending demands of implementation of CPSE Hierarchy in BSNL and E2/E3 scales for JTO/JAO/Equivalent and SDE/AO/Equivalent, it’s high time that we all should keep ourselves ready and involved in this process. For this we need active support and suggestions from the grass root level.

 Remember, we have accomplished only a part of the long path which we have to traverse. We have to keep ourselves ready and united for any eventuality which may arise in the long run. Though we are very much positive about the outcome seeing the positive attitude of BSNL management but at the same time that should not give us any room for complacency in our fight and preparedness in the long run.

 We are very happy seeing the response of our members all over India wherein they have shown their complete dedication and commitment for the struggle initiated by all the three associations together.

 Friends, our focus will now be on bringing a positive outcome from all these developments but at the same time we request our members to keep themselves ready for any eventualities. We cannot look back from here and we will not look back at any cost.


 Together We can, Together We have, Together We will.

 We once again extend our sincere thanks to members throughout India for their active support and dedicated efforts to bring the result. Just be aware of your rights as well as your might.



  15.02.2012 : United Forum Organization action Programme Deferred. Click here for letter from Manageemnt

 United Forum of BSNL Executives' Associations gave letter to BSNL Management for deferment of Programmes of Organisational Actions commencing from 15th Feb'2012. Click here for letter

We extend our sincere thanks to all the members for their full involvement and commitment.

  14.02.2012 : All DS/DP/ACS/VP and all the members of AIGETOA,AP : Please Make sure that, 100% Participation from 15th to 17th Feb 2012 Mass Dharna Called by United Forum of Executives at respective Circle/SSA HQs. Friends, this is high time for us to give a clear cut message to our ITS Dominant Management that, the back door entry to ITS will not be allowed at any cost. Moreover main issue must be resolved like E2,E3 Pay scales and CPSU Hierarchy must be implemented without any delay.
  14.02.2012 : We are having Meeting with PGM(Fin) on 17th Feb at 11AM, All DS/DP and members are requested give issues if any..
  13.02.2012 : United Forum Meeting with Director(HR), BSNL :United Forum of BSNL Executives' Association has a detailed discussion on the Charter of Demands. From our side, we explained generousness of the issues and our compulsion created by the Management on account of standard pay scales E2/E3 and introduction of CPSU cadre hierarchy. We also explained that recent Sr. DGM by diluting BSNL MS RRs. Director (HR) explained at lengthy the perception and stand of Management. However, no breakthrough was achieved.

 We thus make a fervent appeal to our comrades throughout the country to make serious preparation to make the Organizational Action Programmes of action commencing from 15th Feb'2012 a complete success. The meeting was attended by Official side- PGM(SR), GM(Estt.), Addl. GM(Pers.), DGM(SR) and Association side- GSs AIBSNLEA, SNEA(I) & AIGETOA, President AIBSNLEA, AGSs SNEA(I) & VP AIGETOA

  13.02.2012 : JOINT MEETING OF CHQ OFFICE BEARERS OF UNITED FORUM OF BSNL EXECUTIVES' ASSOCIATIONS AT NEW DELHI on 11.02.2012, Attended by CS and Shri. Satish, Circle Vice President : A joint meeting of CHQ office bearers and Circle Secretaries of AIBSNLEA, SNEA(I) and AIGETOA under the banner of United Forum of BSNL Executives' Associations were held at CTO complex, New Delhi at 11.00 hours on 11.2.2012. After detailed discussion and deliberations and also taking into the consideration of various circles as per the report of the circle secretaries of all the three associations and taking into account the following it has been decided to:

 a) Immediate formation of core committee at Branch / District / Circle levels is to be formed.

 b) Issue Letter to JAC by the United Forum.

 c) To get Media coverage.

 It was also decided not to get into any litigation in the court which will lead to issuance of stay or maintaining status-co, which will have uncertainty in the organization.

The following resolutions have been passed unanimously:

 1. Forum comprising the AIBSNLEA, SNEA (I) and AIGETOA in its joint meeting of CHQ office bearers and circle secretaries held here at New Delhi unanimously endorsement the programme of trade union action commencing from 15.2.2012 and resolve to make the programme complete success.

 2. It was further resolved that, the house further authorize the CHQ of United Forum to chalk out the future programme to intensify the agitation programme. Click here for the brief report of meeting

  02.02.2012  :  UF Massive Demonstration on 7th Feb'2012 during Lunch/Closing Hours at BSNL Corporate Office/Circle/SSA levels: United Forum also decided to hold Massive Demonstration on 7th Feb'2012 during Lunch/Closing Hours at BSNL Corporate Office/Circle/SSA levels.

 All the Circle bearers/District/Branch Secretaries are requested to make organizational action programmes a complete success by involving 100% members.

  01.02.2012 : UF released circular for making agitation a grand success: United Forum of BSNL Executives' Associations released a Circular to all CHQ Office Bearers, Circle/Branch Secretaries of AIGETOA, SNEA and AIBSNLEA for mobilization of 3 Days Dharna Programme on 15th, 16th and 17th Feb'2012 along with 'Work According to Rule' and 'Non Co-operation Movement' programs to protest against the arbitrary notification of Special Recruitment Rules of Sr. DGM, non- finalization of E2-E3 standard IDA pay scales & CPSUs Cadre hierarchy in BSNL. <<Click here for UF Circular>>
  31.01.2012 : Revised Option for 2nd PRC in view of Revised E1 to E2 TBP : All the Members are requested to apply for Revised Option for 2nd PRC immediately to your AO's immediately. this will increase your present basic by around Rs.1500/-. Each Executive should apply individually as it should be done on request/option basis. Kindly download the following letter and attachments and do needful changes as per your data and submit it to your AO immediately.

<<Click here for sample letter>>

<<CO Clarification>>

  27.01.2012  :  United Forum's Conference was great success:

United Forum's Conference,   Dated 27.01.2012

 The Conference of UNITED FORUM conducted at ASMAN MAHAL AUDITORIUM was an impressive line and addressed by all the CHQ leaders of UNITED FORUM.

Shri. SATEESH ,Vice President AIGETOA welcomed all the leaders to the dias with a boque. Formal welcome of all the leaders and comrades extended by Com Ramesh ,DS (SNEA),HTD..

Shri.NAGA MURALIKRISHNA, CIRCLE PRESIDENT, AIGETOA addressed the gathering and insisted upon the implementation of standardized pay scales.i.e.E2 and E3 which is a long pending one and vehemently opposed the back door entry of ITS officers in to BSNL.

A.Viswanath,President,SNEA(I) AP has informed that all should oppose the move of BSNL management to bring them back to BSNL and should follow the calls of CHQ time and again.

J.SAIBABA,CS, AIBSNLEA,AP Circle reminded the members of the meeting of UNITED FORUM at Hyderabad during 2008 and how it culminated in to framing of BSNLMS RRs 2009.The same RRs being damaged by BSNL management to suite to the repatriated ITS officers is to be highly condemned ,as sufficient talent is readily available within the organisation. He also assured the CHQ leadres of the full participation of entire executives of AP in the fight.

Shri. N.J.P.SHILOHU RAO,President,CHQ-AIGETOA explained in detail the necessity of implementing PSU cadre hierarchy in BSNL and the necessity of implementing E2 and E3 scales .He also wondered how the ITS officers who are running away from BSNL shedding their responsibilities will be useful to BSNL in the form of Sr DGMs and other cadres. He assured the full participation of AIGETOA in all the activities of UNITED FORUM and lamented that the talent available within BSNL is not properly utilised by BSNL.

Shri.PRAHLAD RAI,GS,AIBSNLEA explained the gathering in detail the discussions that they have been taking place in BSNL about the RRs and the cadre which was not available in the RRs of 2009 is getting recruited and it is going to be dangerous to BSNL as well as to the cadre prospects of the executives of BSNL.He categorically mentioned that there is no necessity to have lateral recruitment as UNITED FORUM has clearly given in writing about the contingency plan and one way BSNL do not find time to resolve the issue of standardised pay scales for executives, not finding time to complete the DPCs in time, not finding time to make BSNL viable, but are very eager to complete the process of bringing the ITS officers back to BSNL, which very much deplorable and needs to be protested.BSNL can be better managed within the available resources and there is absolutely no necessity to get this spent force back in to BSNL and hence requested the meeting to make the programme of work according to rules and non-cooperation a success which is programmed from 15-2-2012.

Shri. JOGI,GS,SNEA(I) asked the members to be ready to keep these ITS officers away form BSNL and we should fight tooth and nail to see that they did not enter in to BSNL. The situation is a sort of do or die and all the comrades of AP should stand on a single platform to see that the agitatioal programme w.e.f 15-2-2012 is a success. He also lamented that the BSNL management has notified the recruitment of Sr DGM/GM/PGM/CGM ,inspite of the stiff opposition from all of us and thus has challenged us .He is astonished to see how these officers who did not exhibit any confidence in BSNL can now join BSNL, under these rules. He asked the members to be ready for any agitational programme.

Shri. S.L.Reddy,President,SNEA(I) presided over the meeting and requested all the members to be ready for the ensuring agitation w.e.f 15-2-2012 and follow the calls of CHQ at any time.

Shri.N.Rajendra Prasad,DS,AIBSNLEA,HTD extended vote of thanks to all the leaders for their valuable address . He also thanked all the comrades for having attended the meeting.

The ASMAN MAHAL auditorium was jam packed with the executives and the response from the members was highly encouraging. The meeting ended with slogans of UNITED FORUM zindabad.

            3. Com G.L.JOGI, GENERAL SECRETARY SNEA (India)


AIGETOA            SNEA (INDIA)                AIBSNLEA


  24.01.2012 : United forum of Executive's AP Circle met at BSNL Bhavan,hyderabad and reviewed the arrangements made for Seminar which is going to be conducted on 27th Jan 2012 at 4PM,Asman Auditoriem,Lakadikapool,Hyderabad. This Seminar is going to be attended by GS/CHQ Presidents of AIGETOA,SNEA(I) and AIBSNLEA. From AIGETOA side, Our CHQ President, Shri. N.J.P Shilohu Rao and Jt.Secretary(South), Shri.Satya vardhan will make address the seminar. The Representatives of all three Associations will do table-to-table campaign and meet all executives to make this seminar a grand success<< click here for representatives>>. All DS/DP of AP Circle are co-cordially invited to this seminar.
  20.01.2012 :  Huge response for DAY LONG DHARNA organized by United forum of executives at Cirlce Office, BSNL,Hyderabad. SSA like Warangal,Rajahmundry,Krishna,Mahabubnagar,vizag got extemely good response. In other SSAs also the response is encouraging...


Andhra Pradesh Circle


United Forum of BSNL Executives Association (SNEA (I), AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA) met on 16.01.2012 and decided to show strong resentment to the BSNL Management for the sinister move to recruit 600 Sr DGMs / Jt DGMs to just to accommodate indisposed ITS Officers back into BSNL. UF decided to participate in large number for the proposed DHARNA on 20.01.2012 to be organized at CGMT Office, Doorsanchar Bhavan at Hyderabad and at the respective General Managers Office in all SSAs.

The move to recruit 600 DGMs in E6 level, who are mostly in the age group of 35-45 will permanently seal the prospects of the absorbed executives because the posts thus occupied by this recruitment will not be vacant upto 15-25 years as per this recruitment rules. The present recruitment rules were framed in such a way that only ITS Officers are eligible with minimum qualification of B.Tech ignoring and denying the opportunity to the vast experienced absorbed executives and some are even better qualified than the ITS Officers.

BSNL Management is totally lacking any commitment to the absorbed executives but making all out efforts to safeguard the interest of the unabsorbed, unwilling ITS Officers by even tampering the BSNLMS Recruitment Rules which were framed after lot of deliberations with all the stake holders.[Recruitment should be at E5 and E 9 only]

Standard Pay Scales is the demand of all the Executive Associations from the day BSNL was formed. Even during the implementation of 2nd PRC, the demand was not met by the BSNL Management only on the ground that the pension contribution which BSNL has to pay to DOT on the maximum of the scale will increase the financial burden of BSNL. As the issue is now resolved and orders issued for contribution of Pension on the current scale, BSNL Management should not have any other choice but to implement Standard Pay Scales to the executives.

The move of the BSNL Management is intended to ‘Rehabilitate ITS’ rather than concentrate on the issues concerning the growth of BSNL either by introducing standard procurement policy or introducing a homogeneous management structure belonging to the company. The Recruitment Rules (RRs) have been converted into Rehabilitation Rules only to appease ITS Officers and not for building a Management Structure comprising of dedicated, committed and devoted absorbed executives who have trust on the viability of the company and determination for its revival.

Hence we appeal to all the executives to participate in the DAY LONG DHARNA on 20.01.2012 and make the United Forum call success.

  18/01/2012  : All DS/DP are requested to ensure full participation of members in making one day Dharna a huge success on 20th January 2012. AIGETOA , SNEA and AIBSNLEA will work jointly to make it grand success.
  16/01/2012  : Lunch Hour Demonstrations organised by United Forum of Executives at circle office got huge response.
  10/01/2012  :  AP Circle Office Extends Grant of Union Facilities to AIGETOA as per Corporate Office.  << Click here for letter >>
  03/01/2012 :  New Year Greetings to CGMT,AP :-  CS along with ACS and members of Circle office Met CGMT and conveyed New year greetings with bouquet of flowers. We congratulated him for his selection as TRAI Secretary, CGMT apprised the efforts of all young Executives at their best capabilities and hard work. We also met PGM(Fin),GM(HRD), Addl.GM(Admn),AGM(SR) and AGM(Admn) conveyed our Best wishes to all of them...
  03/01/2012 : BSNL CO issued notification for JTO to SDE(T) LDCE on 04.03.2012 : BSNL Corporate Office issued notification for holding Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for promotion to the grade of Sub-Divisional Engineer (Telecom) under 33% quota to be held on 4th March 2012, Sunday. Click here for notification

 The eligible candidates will able to view their filled in application forms which were submitted at the time of online registration by using the same user-id and password given by them at that time on the web-site w.e.f        04-01-2012

Details of Examination are as follows :

Advanced Technical Paper- General (OT)-I

Advanced Technical Paper- Special (OT)-II


Numbers of vacancies year wise

2006-07     1029

2007-08     546

2008-09     1063

2009-10     386

Total numbers of vacancies are 3024


  03/01/2012 : BSNL CO issued e1+5 increments order : Revision of pay of Board level and below Board level Executives w.e.f. 1.1.2007 - reduction of emoluments of directly recruited JTOs of 2007 and 2008 batch and directly recruited JAOs in respect of whom result was declared in April-10 Click here for letter
  02/01/2012 :  Trade union facility extended to AIGETOA : BSNL Management issued letter to regarding grant of Trade Union facility to AIGETOA. Click here for letter. The same facilities were also extended to AIBSNLOA.

  • 27/12/2011 : LDCE Exam in first Week of March : Limited Departmental Competitive Exam for JTO to SDE(T) notification is expected to release within a day or two with tentative date of exam in the first week of March 2012.
  • 23/12/2011 : Sanction of Grant for Supply of AIGETOA Diaries for 2012 : Circle Office has issued approval letter to supply AIGETOA diaries for the year 2012 << Click here for letter>>.
  • 23/12/2011 : Pay Anomaly Solved Finally : It is reliably learnt that E1+5 increments as an interim measure regarding pay anomalies of the executives recruited after year 2006 has been approved in BSNL Management Board Meeting held today .
  • 20/12/2011 : Diary printing for year 2012 with full information related to DR Executives is under its printing stage. copies will be ready in another week days. Kindly contact CS for any further information.
  • 16/12/2011 : Launching of 'CYMN' by CMD :-On getting invitation from circle administration, CS along with Shri.Srinivas,HTD-ACS attended the inauguration Function of launching " CHOOSE YOUR MOBILE NO." scheme on PAN India basis by our hon. CMD. Initially, this scheme was launched in Andhra Pradesh Circle and got huge response from the customers. This will facilitate customer to choose his choice number out of available numbers of about 10,00,000 and It will also so much of inventory lying in the field. During the his address CMD and Director (CM) elaborated the reassures taken/will be taken by BSNL to turn back in to Profits. CMD mentioned very clearly that, the repatriation of all NON-Opted ITS officers will be completed within 2/3 months. AS ITS are only Best available Telecom Managers in the market, we will recruit some Ex-ITS officers in to BSNL by framing separate Recruitment Rules for DGM/GM/CGM etc, which under active consideration. He mentioned that, BSNL is already submitted VRS proposal to Govt., and after getting approval form Government, the VRS of one lakh employees as proposed will be done , which going to save Rs. 2800 Cr. per Year. Steps like returning of BWA Spectrum will fetch BSNL 6000+ Crores. BSNL is planning to utilize its land assets on PPP model for getting more income. Tower sharing business, Enterprise Business, data center business are some of best revenue generating areas. Govt. has entrusted projects like NOFA(20,000 Crore) and NFS(2000 Crore) which will be taken by BSNL along with other operators.
  • Launch was arranged on this occasion for all invitees and media personnel.
  • Meeting with CMD,BSNL:-We met CMD,BSNL separately and submitted memorandum on issues of DR Executives. We pleaded him to notify SDE(T) LDCE immediately as clarification has come from HP High Court, To implement Standard Pay Scales in BSNL as pension contribution by BSNL is limited to actual Basic by DOT, To settle the pay anomaly of newly recruited Executives, and to speedup the Restructuring of HR policies of BSNL. CMD and Director (CM) responded positively for all issues and informed that, they will further have a discussion with our CHQ on these issues.<< Click for letter submitted >>
  • 16/11/2011 : Meeting with GM HRD : We met GM HRS at his chamber and discussed the same issues which were given in the last meeting. This time GM HRD , told that as AIGETOA is worried about injustice to JTO cadre in tranfers, they are going to release few spouse cases with very short time. We requested to approve the diary grant for this year also. Addl.GM(Admn),AGM(Admn),AGM(SR) were also present in the meeting.
  • 05/11/2011 : Meeting with GM HRD : CS along with Srinvas,ACS met GM(HRD) and discussed on various issues. We stressed on injustice done to JTO cadre in Transfers. Forwarding of Mutual(Rule-8) case of Sri. Selva Kumar,JTO,TRPT and Non relieving of  JTOs form varios SSAs. GM HRD told that, transfer in the cadre of JTO is not possible as there is shortage of subsitites, However, he assured to remove all these anomalies during coming March. Addl.GM(Admn),AGM(Admn),AGM(SR) were also present in the meeting.
  • 04/11/2011  : Meeting with CMD,BSNL:  CS, along with Shir.Srinivas,ACS and Shri.Satish,DS,Hyderabad met CMD at Shamirpet,Hyderabad. We expressed our serious concern on future of DR Executives in BSNL. We told him, that, most of the DR executives are waiting for their first promotion even after serving for more than 10 years, which is peculiar and unique thins in the world. He assured that, BSNL will definitely will give better future all the DR executives. CMD told that, we are in continuous touch with our CHQ on our issues. He told that, Pay anomaly of 2007 &v 2008 batch JTOs is resolved and orders will be placed very soon. He was in full confidant about ITS absorption. He further told that, VRS proposals are approved by  BSNL and sent to Government.
  • 02/11/2011 : On invitation from CGMT,AP Cirlce CS along with Ramanjaneyulu,HTD participated in all union/associations meeting on "Choose your mobile number". We have suggest several points, which were noted by CGMT for further improvement. We appreciated CGMT for taking such a innovative move in marketing. With this move, customer can selected his no, among available 1 Lac numbers. This method will save the inventory at various CSC / Franchisees.
  • 23/10/2011 : Nellore SSA 3rd Conference : One of the best organized District Conferences in AP Circle was held with the participation of all the members of Nellore SSA. Every member has shown keen interest in making this even a grand success. Event was more special with the participation of as our CHQ President, Shri,Shilohu Rao. Shri. Gopi,GMTD, Nellore was the chief guest. Along with CS and CP all the unions/associations were also invited. the open session was held on " Challenges by BSNL both internal & External ". All the speakers shared their views. CHQ president has given details PPT on this subject, which was appreciated by everybody. AIGETOA congratulated and appreciated the work done by this SSA like... implementation of several software tools in maintaining fault free network and for being awarded as best maintained SSA by Corporate office. GMTD, has explained all the activates taken by him to make this SSA best maintained one. he appreciated the work done by our meber Shri.Sukumar,JTO who has main role in developing these tools. The RAISE package which is developed by him is already instructed to implement in all SSAs of country. AIGETOA district body honored their GMTD by facilitating him by our CHQ president. Local print media has covered the event. Media coverage : <<one >>     <<Two>>
  • In the afternoon session, the  new body was unanimously elected. Shri.CH.Ravi(9490143743),Shri.D.Hari Krishna(9490143943) and Shri.P.Shiva Shankar(9440240810) were elected as DS,DP and Treasurer respetively.


  • 19/10/2011 : As per the information we have, the remaining E1-E2 revision cases may release this week end or early in the next week.
  • 18/10/2011 : DR JTO Missing from Hospital : Sriharsha Madanna,JTO, STP, BSNL joined around 13.30 Hrs on 11-10-2011 for treatment in Medwin hospital Hyderabad and from 16.30 he is missing from hospital..
  • New Coverage by IBN Live << Click here >> << Click Here >>
  • Description:
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5' to 5”
    Weight: 65 Kgs (Medium Built)
  • If you have any information regarding Sri Harsha Madanna,JTO, STP, BSNL , please inform to his brother on 94901-47100
  • 18/10/2011 : Nellore SSA Conference : Second conference of Nellore SSA is notified and is scheduled to held on 23/10/2011 at Nellore. JS(South), CS and CP will enlighten the function.
  • 13/10/2011 : CS has a telephonic discussion with GM(HRD) on some of our issues like early completion of E1-E2, Rule-8 Mutual cases etc.
  • 05/10/2011 :Vishisht Sanchar Seva Padak Awards:         AIGETOA,AP Circle congratulates our  members Shri. B. Lakshmi Narayana, SDE (EB), Tirupati-SSA and Shri.N.Chandra Sekhar,JTO(MSC-Kurnool) for winning Vishisht Sanchar Seva Padak Award for the year 2011 in A.P.Circle.<< Click here for letter>>
  • 01/10/2011 : Blood Donation camp at Tirupathi SSA:-  In the view of BSNL Formation day We have conducted Blood Donation Camp on 01-October-2011 in the Conference hall of O/o GMTD. DS A.Ekambaram, DP S. Bhaskaraiah, Org Sec B. Laxminarayana have participated. DS/BSNLEU Mr YS Raju also extended co-operation. 24 Members have donated blood to Govt. Maternity Hospital, Tirupati.   The photos can be linked to our (CTR SSA) Intranet ( donation camp. This has been covered by all print media...
  • 01/10/2011 : Khammam SSA 3rd Conference : Well organized District Conference held in a great style with the participation of all members. Shri.B.Laxman,Circle Secretary, Shri.Hanumantha Rao, GMTD,Khammam attended as a chief guest, Shri.Raghuram,DGM(CFA),Shri.KCV.Reddy,DGM(Fin) as special guests. And DS/DP/representatives of Shri.Bikhsam,DS-SNEA/AIBSNLEA/Shri.Kantha Rao,DS-SNATTA/Shri.Ratanraju,DS-BSNLEU/DS-FNTO/DS-NFTE attended as special invitees. Wonderful Open session was organized on " Growth of BSNL: Challenges that lies within and outside of BSNL."  Smt.Sushma,SDE invited all guests on to the dais.Shri.Madan Gopal, District President his introductory and welcome speech. Later all the above invitees have given their valuable views on above Topic. Most of them have stressed on improving BSNL customers services, No VRS and Poor HR Polices. CS explained how, the Gradate Engineers in BSNL are treated by BSNL HR polices. Even after passing of about 10 years there we are all waiting for our first promotion. He promised GMTD that, all the DR Executives are doing and will continue do their best. DS SNEA explained how the JTO pay scales were degraded during pay scale fixation in BSNL, He requested AIGETOA to become  active partner in local JAC. Representatives of BSNLEU,FNTO and NFTE explained the vested interests of Govt. to sell BSNL to private parties by downsizing the employees by introducing VRS schemes. Shri.T.Govindu,DS,AIGETOA gave his remarks and highlighted few local issues of Khammam-SSA like posting of JTO/SDE in mobile segments at Khammam and Kothagudem. Posting regular SDE at Yellandu SDCA etc. As breeze of relief the members of BSNLEU-Cultural forum presented a own written and composed song, all the guests and participants enjoyed this song which tells the present situation of BSNL. many of our members (Nageswara rao,JTO,Gopinadh,JTO etc) have also spoke on this occasion and shared their views. Finally Chief guest, Shri, Hanumantha Rao,GMTD told to have a strong a better mechanism of customer services in BSNL, he congratulated AIGETOA for its 3rd conference. All the guests were felicitated with flower bouquets and mementos. The session was closed by vote of thanks by Shri. Ravi Kumar JTO(Gr)-Sathupally.
  • In the afternoon session, many internal issues were discussed. CS explained Circle and CHQ level issues. DS-Khammam presented his DS report to the house and answered some the queries raised by members. He thanked all the members for supporting him during his tenure as DS.
  • The old body was dissolved and new District body of Khammam-SSA was unanimously elected. Shri.T.Govindu(9490146788),Shri.K.Satish Kumar (9490146400) and Shri.G.Madan Gopal(9490145654) elected  as DS, DP and Treasurer respectively.

          All the local print media people also attended  and covered the event in their respective dailies. Coverage by

         Eenadu << Click here >> Coverage by Sakshi << Click here >>

  • 19/09/2011 : Mahabubnagar SSA 3rd Conference : 3rd SSA Conference held at Mahabubnagar on 18/09/2001. full strength of AIGETOA attended the meeting. CS attended as chief guest. CS explained about various issues of CHQ and Circle level. As per the information from CHQ it is conveyed to the members that, SDE(T),LDCE will be notified shortly and Pay anomaly of 2008 & 2009 is also agreed to give interim order as E1+5 Inc. Shri.Sivaram Prakash(9490141431), Shri.T.Krishna Reddy (9441224666) and Shri.T Babu Rao (9490141141) elected unanimously as DS,DP and Treasurer respectively.              << Authorization letter for newly elected body >>
  • 19/09/2011 : Details of Krishna-SSA District level meeting held at Vijayawada << Click here>>
  • Mahabubnagar SSA Conference will be held on 18th September,2011. All the members of SSA are requested to make it grand success.
  • 16/09/2011 : Today Rajahmundry SSA has transferred their contribution to circle account as per the CECs resolution.
  • 16/09/2011 : Meeting With GM(HR) : In continuation of CGMs meeting, CS along with Sri.Srinivas,ACS met GM(HR) and discussed all our agenda issues submitted to CGMT. We requested GM(HR) to ask volunteers as asked in the cadres of SDE/DE, GM(HR) informed that, it was done prior to his posting and was done as there is a shortage of staff in those SSAs. He told that, he working all possible ways to consider the request transfers of JTO/SDEs of Non Tenure SSAs. GM(HR) told that,  the Mutual transfer cases of JTOs with other circle are not forwarded as they have not completed 5 years of service. We objected this this and informed that, there is no such rule for mutual cases. However there will be one more round of meeting on this issue.He also informed that, Pending E1-E2 revised/Fresh cases will be completed very shortly. Many other issues were also discussed for GM(HR) responded positively. Addl.GM(Admn) and AGM(Admn) were also present in the meeting.
  • 08/09/2009  : Details of meeting held with CGMT on  07.09.2011:

       As per prior appointment on our agenda issues submitted (<<letter>>), meeting held with CGMT,AP Circle and had a elaborate discussion on all our issues nearly for 2 Hrs. CS along with Sri.CH.V.Srinivas, ACS and Sri. Satish, DS-HTD attended the meeting. Details of agenda issues discussed are:

    1.      Inter SSA(Non Tenure) Transfers in the cadre of JTOs :We reminded the early remarks of CGMT and GM (HR) for clearing all request transfers of JTOs in Phased manner. We demanded to give transfers for 6 year cases immediately by working on mutual transfer basis and calling options as it is done in the cases of SDE/DE . CGMT agreed to do this and instructed to GM (HR) to work on this principle.<< Letters Submitted>>

    2.      Pending Revised E1-E2 Time bound promotions :We explained the status of several missing cases of Revised E1-E2 orders. GM(HR) informed that, about 101 cases are going to be released soon and remaining cases will be looked in to immediately.

    3.      Spouse Case transfers of executives: We thanked CGMT for giving all Spouse (Govt.) case transfers and requested him to clear few genuine Private spouse cases also. CGMT assured to look in these cases.

    4.      Deviation in implementing of APAR Procedure at various levels: We explained the way this APAR Procedure is been followed with deviations in some of the filed units. We explained him to instruct all the field controlling officers to strictly adhere to the guidelines and supply of APARs in the form of Xerox copy is insisted. CMGT agreed this but, he told give the list of cased where the procedure is deviated and Xerox copies are not supplied. << Letter Submitted>>

    5.      Mutual Transfer of Sri.Selva Kumar, JTO, Tirupathi(SSA) to TamilNadu Circle: We requested CGMT to kindly encourage the mutual cases as per BSNL transfer policy. He suggested us to solve this issue with GM HR. GM(HR) asked us to meet separately on this issue.

    6.      Non availability of SSA Head at Khammam SSA since 1 year : We got the information from our DS,Khammam and CGMT also informed that, New GM is joining on 8th of Sept.

    7.      Online examination for Executive Promotions-Views & requests :We have explained difficulties in preparation and attending exams by most the executives. As the procedure is new, executives are getting problems in getting relieved. We also suggested to reduce the qualifying marks from 50% to 35% as the class room training is removed for this course. However CGMT suggested giving this item to the corporate office. << Letter Submitted>>

                Apart from the above given agenda items, CGMT has also given us time to discuss few Cellone related issues (both staff and service). After discussing various issues, CGMT suggested us to come again with full data and more analysis. We assured and thanked him for giving time to meet him again on Cellone issues. Hence I request our members of Cellone to analyze technical/vendor/staff issues and bring to the notice of CS, AIGETOA immediately. << Letter submitted on Cellone issues >>

    CGMT is concerned with negative growth of BB in Hyderabad. Hs asked us to study why we are getting lesser (negative) Broadband connections especially in Hyderabad and he advised to work hard to get more BB connections. As the BB modems were shortage, new BB Plans were introduced by giving free MB of download, if customers purchases BB modem from outside/Franchise. Even after introducing this plan BB growth is not encouraging in Hyderabad. We assured CGMT to work on this issue and will submit the reasons for it. 

    CGMT instructed us and GM (HR) to discuss above HR issues separately. As per this instruction we will meet GMI (HR) in one/two days.

    We thank our CGMT and GM (HR) for giving opportunity and time to put forward our issues and for giving positive assurances on all issues. We convey our CGMT for giving us suggestions on some of the issues.


  • 06/08/2011 : Mahaboobnagar SSA has deposited Rs.15000/- in circle account. We request all other SSAs to kindly deposit the association fund as early as possible.
  •  29/08/2009 : AIGETOA AP Circle has nominated SSA In charges to monitor and carryout various activities by as per recent CEC....<< Click for details>>
  • However CS/CP/ACS/CVP will be monitoring Total Process as their Normal responsibility...

Above SSA in charges should Implement the CHQ/CEC resolutions at each SSA as Wide publicity for "self care movement" , Fund collection of Rs.500/ per member, Opening of bank account, DR JAC with SNATTA at SSA level and conduction of SSA/Branch level meetings and streamlining of association activities where ever it is required.

All DS/DP are requested to cooperate with the above In-charges for smooth functioning of association activities in AP circle.


  • 27/08/2009 : HTD, Executive body meet: As per the resolution taken at CHQ/Circle, CEC, the Executive body of Hyderabad,SSA met at Asman Mahal quarters and discussed various latest developments. It is decided to carry forward the CEC resolutions in its true spirit.

Implementation of Resolution taken in Emergency Meeting

held on 7th and 8th August 2011 at New Delhi

Dear CBM/DS/DP representatives,

Let us start the implementation of resolution taken in the emergency meeting in true sprit for the welfare of individuals as well as our fraternity.

1. Self Care Movement.

2. Strengthening of association at base level and campaigning for agitational activity, if the need arise.



There are several small to big issues which should be taken care by the local management but we know this organization is being run at in some Circles by some so called self proclaimed champions of HR who suppose themselves to be best versed with all the Rules and Regulations and still they need proof and clarification for each and every orders which is issued from BSNL Headquarters. This happens especially when the order relates to benefit of DRs.

Friends!! We have waited enough but these persons are hell bent on testing our patience and bringing us to breaking point. We all know that God helps only those who help themselves.

So, do not wait for some miracle to happen in BSNL and every thing will be set right. Therefore we have decided to launch Self Care Movement at individual level to resolve our individual issues such as:

1. EPF Issue:

  • If you are transferred from on EPF region to another, check whether your previous EPF account is transferred to new EPF region? If not, start following your DDO and EPF offices putting all the work aside for time being. There is no need to take leave for follow up the EPF issue just intimate your reporting authority and also claim TA/DA if required.

  • Ask year wise EPF statement from DDO or follow up the EPF offices to get yearly statement up to year 2010-2011. Use RTI if the need arises.

  • Cross check your account balance in EPF statement with EPF calculator attached herewith. Click Here for EPF calculator to get actual yearly statement

  • Represent individually for any discrepancy in balance to your concerning DDO with copy to SSA Head.

  • During the follow up avoid any initiation of argument with officers creating hurdles as much as possible but if argument is initiated by these officers spot reaction should be given.

2. Discrepancy in pay fixation after pay revision:

It is noticed that there are several discrepancy in pay fixation after pay revision for example Sh R P Shahu and Sh S K Gupta both were recruited in 2001 batch and joined training on same date. Both are still working as JTO without any promotion or penalty. Basic pay and allowances were same before pay revision but there has been difference after pay revision due to pay fixation was done by two different DDO as per their own calculation. This is not only anomalies but also shows the sincerity of the management towards financial matter who are crying for profit or loss to the company.

  • See salary slip just before pay revision (basic as well as allowances are same) >>> Shri R P Shahu>>> and >>> Shri S K Gupta >>>

  • See salary of just after Pay revision (allowances differ)>>> Shri R P Shahu >>> and >>> Shri S K Gupta >>>

  • See salary as of now (basic as well as allowances differ)>>> Shri R P Shahu >>> and >>> Shri S K Gupta >>>

  • Such discrepancy in pay might be with many members, just cross check your pay with your batch mates having similar position and find out the discrepancies.

  • Sit before the admin and account offices of your SSA leaving all the work aside for time being and resolve such discrepancies.

3. First Time bound upgradation after touching/ crossing for minimum of next pay:

It is learnt that there are many circle yet not implemented the first time bound upgradation as on date after touching/crossing the minimum of the next pay on pretext of seeking nonsense clarification from corporate office. One of the worst circle is MP Telecom Circle where one so called champion officer at the level of GM and in-charge of HR affairs of MP circle for since last six years is yet to learn small things of FR/SR. Even after asking about 10 nonsense clarifications during last six month, his appetite has yet not been full and is having several doubt in his mind regarding the implementation of upgradation and needs spoon feeding from BSNL CO even on those issues which are well defined in the order.

District Secretaries are requested to meet GMTDs of their SSA and make a writing complain against such Officers who are deliberately lingering the issues for their vested interest. Organise agitational activities in most militant form if the need arise for early resolution of such issues.

District Secretaries should insure proper implementation of pay upgradation. After implementation of 30% fitment on pre-revised JTO scale, 2001 and 2002 batch GEJTO cross the minimum of revised scale of SDE 20600 hence eligible for first time bound upgradation on 01-01-2007. As per the guidelines where pay revision and date of promotion is same as of in our case i.e. 01-01-2007, First promotion should be made to pre-revised or revised scale of 11875 or 20600. Then giving one notional increment and finally implement 30% fitment of pay revision for fixation of pay on upgradation.



Although President/GS/VP/AGS are following up the issues at corporate level on principle of mutual negotiation in amicable ways but it can not be denied considering current attitude of management that we will be force to inter into strong agitational activities. For this we need strengthening of association at base level for which massive campaigning is the need of hour. As per resolution taken in emergency meeting following steps need to be followed:

  • All District secretaries should start meetings at major town level and ensure fund collection from members, convince for resolution taken for agitational activity if the need arise and finally organise SSA meetings of district representatives in presence of concern Circle Body member. Call local representatives of SNATTA in such meetings to have their interaction and opinion on the various issues pertaining to the direct recruits.

  • CS/Asst.Circle Secretaries should take responsibility of visiting SSAs of their area and form committee of some active members of their circles to ensure fund collection and mass campaigning regarding the agitational activity as resolved in emergency meeting.

  • Astt.Cirlce Secretaries should ensure weekly reporting of status to President/CS over telephone or mail.

  • Finance Secretary should follow up the DS and Asst. Circle Secretaries with their dues for early fund collection on daily basis.


  • 20/08/2011 : Details and resolution of Emergency Circle CEC held on 15th August 2011 at Hyderabad:

                                                                                    <<<Click here for full details and download>>>

In the view of CMD and Middle management’s comments on DR Community to leave BSNL for better career progression and as per the resolution taken at CHQ’s emergency meeting held at New Delhi on 7th & 8th August,2011, AP Circle has called for its Emergency CEC on 15th August 2011.

            The representatives of SSA’ including Circle body members have attended and shown their unity and support to our CHQ. All the representatives were asked to give their views on the present situation of DR community in BSNL. Sri.B.Laxman,CS, Sri.Satyavardhan,JS(South),CHQ,Sri.Ch.V.Srinivas,ACS explained the full details of  CHQ’s meeting and its resolutions and urged to all the representatives to take this information to the ground level of association. This meeting has taken some of the resolutions as: 


  1. It is unanimously decided to support the CHQ’s course of action/resolution taken at CHQ meeting. It is decided convey strongly to our members to follow the words of GS, says be like a leader or like follower.
  2. It is resolved to follow the activities ,if need arises:
    • Self care month must be followed: In this month every DR Executive will take care about his pending issues in BSNL and try to solve those issues by continuous persuasion( like EPF transfer/Arrears/transfer/bills etc)
    • Reject all officiating/looking after/extra duties.
    • Follow work to rule.
    • Strictly follow the BSNL hierarchy for all official works like reporting/assignment of work etc.
    • Asking BSNL, duties and responsibilities of TTA/JTO/SDE/DE through RTI/by any other means.
  3. It is unanimously resolved to support the decision of CHQ to form a DR JAC with like-minded associations (like SNATTA).
  4. It is resolved to take up JTO transfers of Non tenure SSAs immediately.
  5. It is resolved collect the funds at SSA level, hence each SSA should open Association Bank account by 30th September and as a emergency requirement Rs 500/- per member should be collected and deposited in Circle account by 30th August 2011.
  6. All SSAs should conduct emergency SSA/Branch level (Invite all batch DR JTOs/ SDEs) meetings and convey the prevailing situation of DR issues in BSNL.
  7. The tentative date for Circle Conference is decided as 2nd Saturday and Sunday of November 2011.
  8. All the SSA DS/DP should inform the member’s data to CP/CS/CFS every month.
  9. All DS/DP/Active members are requested to approach the new JTOs of recent recruitment make them aware of actual thing about their issues and ask them to be with AIGETOA.
  10. As per CHQs decision, the Association is going to supply Diaries for 2012, which will be printed by Maharastra Circle.
  11. This meeting has also discussed on disclosing of APARs , which not been done by many of the wings and few incidents of wrong methodologies are also brought to the notice. Hence all the members are requested to demand for a Xerox copy of their APARs to avoid any further damage to their future.
  12. If any SSA is conducting meetings kindly mail to CS/Web Secretary to post it in Circle Website

 Many other issues were also discussed like tenure Sub divisions/places in place of Tenure SSAs, Internal discipline in Association, Web site updation.

  • 12/08/2011 : AP Circle's Urgent CEC will be held on 15th August at Conference hall,Vasavikalyanamantapam,Opp.Sensation Cinema,Lakadikapool. ALL DS/DP and Circle body members are requested attend without fail. DS/DP are requested to come up  with data like Total no of GEs/Total no. our members/Total no of Paid Members as on 1st August 2011. At least Two representatives from each SSA have to attend the meeting.. Its a do or die situation for all DRs in BSNL... BE ALIVE... Make ALIVE..
  • 7/08/2011 : CS along with Sri.Satyavardhana Rao,JS(South)CHQ and Sri. CH.V.Srinivas,ACS attended CHQs Urgent meeting at Delhi. CS submitted AP's Views and suggestions on present issues and future course of actions...
  • 26/07/2011 : CHQ has called for Emergency meeting at Delhi on 7th and 8th of August. Hence all DS/DP/representative are requested to give their views by phone call/SMS/email immediately. All are requested to conduct meetings at SSA/Branch level and mobilise and gather the views of our members. It is high time to show our unity as our top manager of BSNL (CMD) is suggesting us to "GO OUT FROM BSNL" for better career. Is is not a casual way of dealing our aspirations/dreams. We should come together and have to protest on this kind of attitude of our TOP Management. BE ALIVE.... BE ACTIVE TO SAVE YOUR FUTURE IN BSNL..This is the time to show our self respect.....
  • 15/07/2011:  CS along with DS,HTD attended the meeting called by circle administration on "RECONNECTION MELA" with all unions/associations. The main purpose of this meeting is to invite suggestions to make this reconnection meal a grand success. It is aimed to get back our beloved customers in BSNL fold. We expressed few views like 1) When a BSNL representative/officer visits the customer home , he should carry the other related latest information. 2) The call center is being the face of any Operator, We insisted to improve functionality of these call centers, like when a customer makes any enquiry or ask information or book any connection should be booked as a docket and should be reached to concerned officer. 3) We should allow the call center operator to route the calls to our executives on vital issues. 4) We requested to introduce the procedures "Home payment"  and "Call BSNL Executive to Your Home ( Where customer can invite BSNL officer to his home for our services/infr.) and many other suggestions were given... CGMT welcomed our suggestions and asked to submit a detailed views of AIGETOA and to have a discussion with PGm(F).
  • 30/06/2011 : CS along with Sri.Satyavardhan,CHQ, JS(South) met DGM(A) at her chamber and discussed our issues. >> 1) Early release of E1-E2 Re-Fixation clarification and to settle all these cases before Oct-2011. 2) Immediate consideration of Govt. & Private spouse cases (We requested her to consider Mr.Srikanth,JTO,WGL case). 3) Immediate release of JTO request transfers of Non Tenure SSAs- On this issues CGMT's decision is awaited. 4) Mutual Transfer case of Sri.Selva Kumar JTO,TRPT to Tamilnadu cirlce. 5) Spouse case of Sri. E.Jaganmohan rao SDE, Anantapur  to Tirupathi. Madam requested all the DR community to work hard to bring back BSNL to profits.
  • 06/06/2011: Today CS along with JS(S) and Sri.Srinivas ACS, met GM(HRD) and discussed on our Issues: We thanked whole management for releasing Tenure and few spouse basis JTO request transfers and also 1) Pleaded him to consider remaining spouse private immediately for which GM HRD responded positively.  2) We demanded to release Non tenure Transfers immediately. 3) immediate release of clarification on E1 to E2 re-fixation based on latest Corporate office clarification. We requested to send back the pending E1-E2 cases at Circle Office to concerned SSA for re submitting based on new clarification. 4) improper implementation JTO to SDE DPC cases at TRPT and NZB SSAs. 5) Sending early Aacceptance fro pending Rule-8 requests from other circles to AP circle. 6) Submission of AO's signatures to EPF office on their transfer/joining at new places.
  • 04/06/2011 : Congrats to all Members of AIGETOA AP Circle, The much waited JTO tenure and few spose(Govt.) request transfers released. We sincerely thank, CGMT, GM HRD, DGM(A) and AGM(Admn) for releasing the orders. We also thank, all DS/DP members of tenure SSAs for showing greater patience and faith in AIGETOA.
  • 23/04/2011 : Meeting with CGMT: CS,CP along with Srinivas,ACS and Satish DS,HTD met CGMT at 12 PM today and discussed most of our long pending issues. We submitted him the worked out statistical data with several options for giving all the JTO transfers in AP circle( including tenure, non tenure and spouse cases). We apprised him that, with possible minimum no. of substitutes and least expenditure we can clear many requests transfers. CGMT has agreed to study our proposal and he informed that, all the transfers will be issued in phased manner. He told that, all the tenure transfer of JTOs will be released shortly. We requested him to give priority to spouse cases. CGMT assured to release the JTO(T) to SDE(T) promotions orders by today evening if not by Monday at any cost. We have also brought to the notice of CGMT, regarding pending of endorsement of Corporate office letter on E1-E2 TBPP. GM (HRD) and PGM (F) were also present during the meeting.
  • Though we have discussed our important issues, We are concerned with the way meeting was concluded. Still we tried to discuss many issues, it seems CGMT is not having positive view on capabilities of young executives and he feels like, listening to the field problems of young executives is a waste of time...??? We feel that, CGMT is showing his biased nature towards our association...!!! We doubt, whether this circle management resolves our genuine issues or not...? So, Dear friends get ready to show our strength, if our issues are not solved, our capabilities are mis-interpreted and our self respect is not taken care by this circle management. We are here to maintain the good relations with circle management. We hope circle management will understand our genuine issues and act upon them immediately. We hope to have more fruitful meeting with CGMT in future. We thank CGMT for sparing his valuable time with us.
  • 21/04/2011 : CS along with Srinivas,ACS and Satish DS,HTD Visited Circle office and met DGM (Admin) and GM(HRD) and requested them to release the transfer and JTO(T) to SDE(T) promotion orders immediately. We have tried to meet CGMT, but due to his busy schedule , we were told to meet on Saturnday.
  • 20/04/2011 : All DS/DP are requested to furnish the data as per the attached proforma immediately before 25th Ail 2001. This is urgently require by CHQ.<< Proforma >>
  • 18/04/2011 : CS along with Shri.Satish,DS,HTD met GM(HRD) and discussed about early release of tenure and non tenure transfers. We expressed our unhappy over delaying the things in releasing the transfers. GM(HRD) informed that, calling of options to tenure SSAs will be taken up and completed within this week and transfers may be released next week. We also remained him about delay in giving JTO(T) to SDE(T) promotion order and Endorsement of latest Corporate office order on E1-E2 TBPP. We have submitted a fresh copy of our urgent issues to CMGT,GM(HRD) and DGM(A).
  • We may meet CGMT in 2/3 days of time. If things are delayed in this fashion, then we may have to launch the agitation programmers against the circle management.
  • We also met AGM(A) and discussed about our issues. He told, that, now all the JTOs who have completed 2 years of service and wants to take back their certificates can approach circle office.
  • 13/04/2011 : CS spoke with GMTD,Karimnagar and discussed about early release of transfers JTOs. He agreed to relieve few JTOs immediately and remaining on getting substitutes.
  • 01/04/2011 : Meeting With GM(HRD) : CS along with Circle President Shri. Nagamurali Krishna met   GM (HRD) and requested him for early release of tenure transfers of JTOs. It is told that, due to busy schedule of CGM the orders are delayed. We have also discussed about postings of newly promoted officers form JTO to SDE(T) under seniority quota. We requested him for not to disturb lady officers, Spouse cases and all the officers who have served less than 4 years in respective SSAs in JTO cadre. GM(HRD) assured to take our points in to consideration while posting of these officers. We have also requested him to conduct the separate meeting on issue of Non-Tenure executive Transfers as early as possible. Next meeting will be conducted probably in next week.
  • We also met AGM(Est) and AGM(Admin) and requested them to endorse the corporate office's latest clarification on E1-E2 Time bound promotion policy.
  • 27/03/2011 :Karimnagar District Conference : 2nd District Conference of KARIMNAGAR SSA held successfully with the full participation of members. Shri. Satyavardhan,JS(South),CHQ, Shri.Nagamurali Krishna,CP and Shri. Shashidhar,Org.Sec.,HTD have made there presence. SSA body was formed unanimously, Shri.M.B.Bikshapathi, Shri.G.Rajasekhar and Smt. R.Vijayalaxmi were elected as District President, District Secretary and Finance Secretary respectively.
  • 25/03/2011 : Karimnagar District Conference : District Conference of Karimnagar will be conducted on 27th March 2011 at 10 AM, Hotel Srinivasa,Karimnagar. CS and CP are are making their presence . All the members are requested to make it grand success.
  1. 22/03/2011 : Guntur SSA Meet:- The District level meeting of Guntur-SSA held on 20/03/2011 at Ashoknagar, Guntur under the president ship of Sri Fazal Ahmed, CWC member. <<Click here for complete details>>
             AIGETOA AP Circle wishes a colorful ""HOLI"" to its members and all the employees of BSNL.
  • 19/03/2011 : Yesterday, CS along with Srinivas, ACS and Satish (DS,HTD) Met GM(HRD), DGM(A) and discussed about our issues. We had a separate meeting with them. We have submitted our proposals on executive transfer policy for the year 2010-11<< Click for letter>>. We insisted to consider all the pending request transfers Executives who have completed 4 years of service. But, GM(HRD) told that, due to poor financial crunch prevailing in BSNL, the TA / TP for all these people is not possible. However they assured to issue the transfers orders of Tenure and Spouse cases as early as possible. Regarding Non tenure SSAs transfer policy, it is decided to conduct a joint meeting with all executive associations including PGM(F),O/o CGMT and final proposal will be put for CMGT. We welcomed this proposal and agreed to come for the meeting whenever it is called for. Matter of concern is only huge TA/TP expenses....!!! Any how the matter will be discussed and finalized in the next week.
  • We discussed about the pay fixation problems of TTA to DRJTO2007 batch executives in various SSAs and submitted the letter to CGMT,PFM(F) and GM(HRD). The discussion with PGM(F) couldn't taken place as he is out of station.<< Click for letter>>.We will further discuss with PGM(F) and CGMT in next meeting.
  • We have also discussed the case of Shri. Ravi Prasad, JTO(OD), Chandrayana Gutta,Hyderabad, where he is been targeted even after showing best performance in all the difficult times. When the JTO was targeted physically by his lower staff, The Local GM/AM/DE have not shown any interest to boost the morale of officer. They succumbed to the pressure of other Unions and have cornered him by transferring a best performing TTA from his section fro unknown reason. This incident is best example for how the performer is treated in BSNL and also clarifies who are managers and who are the followers. If the management fails to take action on the misbehaved people, AIGETOA will take up issue very strongly with higher ups.AIGETOA condemns this kind of behaviour from our beloved top mangers. LONG LIVE BSNL.....??????
  • The mutual transfer case of Shri.Selva Kumar, Tirupathi-SSA is also discussed. We requested GM(HRD) to approve this case as it is not causing any financial & administrative burden.

        We thank GM(HRD) and DGM(A) for sparing their valuable time with us.

  • 19/03/2011 : Congratulations !!! Corporate office issued the clarifications on Time Bound scale upgradation under Executive promotion policy on revised & provisional IDA pay scales of executives (JTO/JAO etc.) as per 2nd PRC effective from 1.1.2007. This order will enable all executives of 2002 batches onwards to get time bound upgradation in four years and for 2001 batch, they will get on 01.01. 2007.Click here for letter
  1. 09/03/2011 : SMART (Assets Status Record Maintenance Tool) Package in Warangal SSA :- On invitation form Respected Shri.Narender,GMTD,Warangal, CS visited Warangal and attended full day Seminar on the new self initiated project called "SMART" by GMTD,Warangal and his team. On behalf of AIGETOA, We sincerely thank Respected GMTD,Warangal for giving this opportunity to feel & experience their innovative project "SMART". Shri. Narender is a well known officer, for his "Online ACE-2 system" in Warangal SSA. Now he strikes again with a new self designed and cheapest package called SMART. This package is very much useful tool for BSNL's Asset Management and Operational activities. It designed by using MS Access (data base) and .Net as Front end tool. We congratulate and wish all the best to Warangal SSA for launching this package. We also request other GMTDs and Officers of BSNL to experience this wonderful and cheapest package. We have full confidence that, this package will improve the performance of Warangal SSA and will be the best example SSA in BSNL. For further information please contact our District Secretary, Shri. Karunakar at 9490133778 or GMTD Warangal.
  3. Some of salient feature of this package are:
  • Online Log entry for O&M activities.
  • Physical verification of Assets.
  • Monitoring of Asset Interruptions, Maintenance and Issues.
  • Monitoring of Leased Circuits.  
  • All OFC Route details including Joints are updated.
  • Monitoring of USO-VPTs -ensuring 100% claim of USO funds.
  • Online tracking of complaints- Ensuring less breakdown time for BTS,Exchanges DSLAMS,Leased lines etc.
  • Making over and taking over made easy.
  • Easy to get online information on faulty cards, spare cards and unserviceable items.
  • Feasibility report for leased lines can be verified online instantly.
  • Current asset of BSNL can be evaluated by a click.
  • Acting like a knowledge base for all the officers.
  • The performance of officers can be monitored.
  • This package is easy to operate and self explanatory and no much of extra training is required.
  • For whole package, only single window is designed for all the users/application to avoid confusion.

    After the completion of Seminar, the AIGETOA, District General body meeting held and all the issues related with transfers and postings, field problems in 3G services and overview of discussions held with management and AIGETOA w.r.t recent agitation have been discussed.

  • AIGETOA Called Off dharna :

    The committee comprising of PGM (Finance), Sr. GM (Pers), Sr. GM (Estt), Sr. GM (SR) and GM (EF) had an extensive discussion on the resolution of Pay-Anomaly issue of batches after 2006 and other issues submitted by AIGETOA. The committee has given a firm and positive assurance on the resolution of all the issues in a time bound manner. The committee also requested for calling off of our proposed Dharna on 4th March in view of the positive approach taken by the management on most of the issues . In fact committee has already started working towards the final resolution of the issues.

    In view of the positive stand of Management on most of the issues submitted in Notice and also that company is facing a tough situation ahead and our CMD has initiated a process of revival of BSNL, We here by call off our Agitational Program and request members to participate whole heartedly with full zeal and enthusiasm for the betterment of the company and increasing the revenue.

    AIGETOA ensures its complete support and co-operation with Shri S.C. Misra’s divine endeavour of taking BSNL to its greatest heights once again. We are also of the firm belief that with his dynamic presence and vast knowledge of HR issues, our long pending HR issues will also be resolved and BSNL will take a bold step towards becoming a complete PSU from its current status of a converted PSU.


  • CS APPEAL: All the members of AIGETOA are requested to participate in their full strength. We are fighting for our rights and not for any unwanted demands. We should know the gravity of situation and reasons for going to this agitation Programme even in this RED times of BSNL. Management is not in a position to improve the performance of BSNL but, it is taking the steps to degrade and de-motivate its basic and performing cadre JTO. All the DR Executives are united and will stand against anti DR Polices of BSNL. All DS/DP are requested to mobilize the members and make arrangements to make the "DHARNA" a grand successes. Print media and Electronic media may be invited and a <<press note >> may be released in all the SSAs.
  • 01/03/2011 : Minute of Rajahmundry District Conference held on 6th February 2011.<<Click Here>>
  • 24/02/2011 : Lunch Hour demonstration : Our Unity is once again proven, All the members of AP Circle at Circle office and SSA Head Quarters have participated with excellent commitment and this will be a warning to the BSNL management. If BSNL management fails to resolve our demands, then we are more committed to do our dharna on 4th with more commitment.<Photo1><Photo2><Photo3><Photo4><Phto5>
  • 21/02/2011 : AIGETOA AP Circle has served Notice to CGMT. Shri.Srinivas ACS has served the notice personally, as the CS is in In-service training at Jabalpur.
  • 07/02/2011 : CS along with Shri.Satyavardhana, JS(South), Shri.Srinivas,ACS and Shi.Satich,DS(HTD) met PGM(F) and GM(HRD),DGM(A) and discussed about: 1) The pay anomaly of 2007 & 2008 batch DRJTOs/JAOs- We requested to give personal pay or to fix the pay as per Corporate office clarifications. We also gave several orders given in other circles. But PGM(F) and DGM(CA) says that, they shall have to examine the other circle orders as well as the CO clarification and will take final decision very soon. They informed , that, they are NOT against of giving the benefit these DRJTOs. 2) TTA to DRJTOs pay anomaly is also discussed with them. 3) Appointment letters of G.Srinivas,JTO,KAA and Srinivasulu,JTO,TRPT SSA is not yet given due to certificate verification pending.<< Click here for letter>>. 4) Spouse case transfers. 5) Giving of TA/TP KAA JTOs who got transfers to Hyderabad. GM(HR) and DGM(A) responded Positively about alll the issues. We thank,PGM(F) and GM(HR) for giving their time.
  • CS writes CGM regarding biased implementation and denial of diary grant to our members<<Letter>>
  • 06/02/2011 : District Conference of Rajahmundry SSA held successfully at Rajahmundry.Shri.B.Laxman,CS has attended the conference. All the members of AIGETOA have participated and shared their grievances. Some of the issues raised are: a) Pay anomaly of 2007 & 2008 batch JTOs. b) Tender for MLLN is not yet finalized, due to which we are not able to get new customers. c) Poor response/service from 1500 call center. d) Wimax towers are not yet radiated even after their installation. d) SGSN must be updated at MSC for improving 3G speed. e) Requirement of Optical/STM1 outputs at Huawi BSCs, which will reduce Media maintenance complexity. f) shortage of EPBTs g) Conduction CDMA Kenon-FX workshop to familiarize the issues in providing the CDMA services and h) Transfer of EPF accounts and issues of balance slips for 2009-2010 year. CS has explained about the CHQ and Circle level issues in detail. We request the Circle and SSA management to take necessary actions w.r.t above said issues for satisfied Customer and healthy BSNL. The new body formed unanimously and Shri. M.Ramkiran, JTO(MSC)-9441266600,Shri.D.S.Sangeeva Rao-9440244456, JTO(C1,O&M), Shri.GVSN Gupta-9441036899, JTO(C1, O&M) were elected as DS,DP and Treasurer respectively.
  • 02/02/2011 : Dear CBM / DBM, We request you to contribute legal fund as mentioned ( CS/CP-Rs.5000, CBM-Rs.3000,DS/DP Rs.2000 and DBM- Rs.1000) in CHQ Website immediately and be a example for your members. However each member has to contribute Rs. 500 as pleaded by CHQ earlier. Fund is to be deposited in CHQ Axis Bank account No. 007010100808101,New Delhi. Please mail the data regarding these deposits to Circle Secretary as
  • 02/02/2011 : Dear DS/DP and members, Kindly send the issues/agenda points to be presented at CWC meeting (6th & 7th Feb) to
  • 01/02/2011 :  As per our information diaries have already reached to some SSAs like ATP,TRPT,ELR,KAA,MBNR,KRNL,Cellone,ITPC,STP etc. Other SSAs ( KHM,NZB,RJY,NLG,CDP) are requested to find the status of diaries with their Admin section and inform the Circle secretary immediately.
  • 29/01/2011 :  District Conference of Karimnagar SSA is postponed due to unavoidable conditions. New date will be announced in due course of time.
  •  AIGETOA Diaries will be dispatched from 20th January. The procurement orders from HTD,KHM,NLR,RTTC,VM,ADB and Warangal have not reached the Vendor. Kindly send FAX to 0413-2251661.
  •  AIGETOAs CWC meeting will be held on 6th & 7th at Kolkata.
  •  1st Jan 2011 : CS met CGMT,PGM(F),GM(HRD) and DGM(A) and other Officers of Circle Office on the occasion of new year and conveyed new year greetings.
  • 31st Dec 2010 : CS along with Shri.Satyavardhan,JS(South) and Shri.Srinivas,ACS met Shri.Sudheendra Kumar, CGMT and greeted him on his retirement on 31.12.2010. We wish him all the best and Happy new year.
  • Urgent: All the members having salary accounts in State Bank India (SBI) should give standing instructions to their bank to deposit Rs.100 in Circle Account(30801386944,SBI,Kondapur Branch, Hyderabad) on 5th of every month.  << Click here for letter>>. DS,DP and Dist. Treasurers should monitor and ensure this activity without fail.
  • Most urgent: All the DS/DP kindly send the data of our members in the following proforma immediately to ensure the financial status of AIGETOA.< click here for proforma>.The data should be mailed to
  •  22nd Dec 2010 : Congratulations CGMT has approved diary grant to AIGETOA members also. Letter will be uploaded in intranet soon. All the DS/DP are instructed to take up with their administration and see that sufficient no. AIGETOA diaries are ordered. We sincerely thank, CGMT AP circle and Shri.KV.Subba Rao,GM(HRD) for granting diary grant to AIGETOAns.<< click here for CO Approved copy>>
  • 21st Dec 2010 : As per today's discussion held with GM (HRD) and DGM (A), It is assured that, all the pending tenure transfers will be issued on or before 31st March 2011. Hence all the JTOs of KAA/ADB and ATP are requested to register their request before 31st January 2011.This is the result of unity among us.
  • 3rd Grant District Conference of Greater Hyderabad held on 19th December 2010 at Hotel Asoka, Lakadikapool, in a grand style with huge participation of our members. Open session started at 11:00AM and presided by Shri.G.Veerabhadra Rao,HTD President, Shri.T.N.Sudheendra Kumar,CGMT,AP Circle was the Chief guest and Shri.Agrawal, PGM,HTD,Shri.RP Shahu,GS,AIGETOA,Shri.NJP Shilohu Rao as the guest of honors. The other Special Invitees includes- Shri.KV.Subba Rao,GM(HRD),Shri.G.Narendra Nath,GM(RTTC), Shri.Govindarajulu, GM(Cellone), Shri.Jagadish Kumar,GM (Central & West), Shri.Satyavardhan,JS(South), Shri.Govindu,CHQ Org.Sec.,Shri.P.Nagamurali Krishna,CP and Shri.B.Laxman,CS AP Cirlce. The  new SSA body is been elected unanimously, where Shri.Satish(9490134460), Shri.Veerabhadrarao(9440648648) and Shri.Gandhi were elected as DS,DP and Treasurer respectively.  

    <<Click here for complete details>> 

    <<Click here for DS note presented to conference>>

  • 2nd District Conference of Warangal: The Historic All India tour of our beloved GS, RP Shahu takes off from a Historic Place ‘Warangal”, the place which is ruled by Great Princess Rani Rudramadevi of kakatiya dynasty. The event nicely organized and was grand success with the participation of DR Executives from Wrangal,Khammam,Sangareddy and Karimnagar SSAs. Apart from GS, CHQ President, Shri.NJP Shilohu Rao, Shri.Satyavardhan,JS(S), Shri.Givndu,CHQ Org.Sec.,Shi.B.Laxman,CS,AP Cirlce made the conference colorful with their gracious presence and Respected Shri.K.Nagrender,GMTD was the Chief Guest, SNEA DS and representative of NFTE were also present for the meeting. There was 100% participation from Warangal SSA. The entire Guest was honored with the mementos and flower bouquets.The new Body is formed as Shri.Karunkar (9490133778), G.Ramesh (9490134429) and Shri. Odelu were elected as District Secretary, District President and Treasurer respectively.

    <<Click here for complete details>> 

    <<Click here for DS note presented to conference>>

  • 20th Dec 2010 : All the DS/DP are requested to give this representation immediately (Today) to your GMTDs.<<Click her for letter>> We are in continuous touch with Circle management: (GM(HRD),DGM(A) and AGM(SR) regarding grant of diary funds to AIGETOA also. GM (HRD) assured to look in to the matter.
  • 15th Dec 2010 : With consistent efforts of AIGETOA AP Cirlce, The Circle Office has released tenure transfers of Adilabad and Karimnagar. We sincerely thank, CGMT,Sri.T.N.Sudheendra Kumar, Sri. Subba rao, GM(HRD) and Smt.Anil Kiran,DGM(A) for their cooperation.
  • 13th Dec 2010 : Sri.T.N Sudheendra Kumar, CGMT,AP Circle, PGM (HTD) and GM (HRD) will be the Chief guest, Guest of Honor and special guest for the District Conference of Hyderabad, which scheduled on 19th,Dec 2010. We are in the Process of inviting other GMs of Hyderabad as special invitees.
  •       13th Dec 2010 : CS met GM(HRD) and DGM(A) and remained them about the tenure transfers, which are promised to be released before 15th December. They responded positively.
  • 12th Dec 2010 : District Conference of Tirupati SSA held in a grand style. All the members have attended with a passion to bring back BSNL, back to profits. Along with CS,CP of AIGETOA,AP Circle,  Sri.Balachandran,Sr.GM,Tirupati, and Sri.Nutan,DGM(A) have attended as Chef Guest and guest of honor respectively,SNEA DP and AIBSNLEA representative have also attended as special invitees. CS and CP stressed upon the exploring the opportunities in the market by sharpening their managerial and marketing skills. GMTD,Tirupati has apprised the young DRJTOs for the best contribution to the SSA, He gave a moral boost to the young executives by assuring all the issues which were raised in the meeting. He has patiently listened and answered to the issues/problems/suggestions of young DR Executives. Most of the members pleaded GMTD, to 1) Take actions in supplying of 3G data cards as per the demand, 2) To conduct the marketing shows in colleges 3) faster installation & radiation of Wi-Max towers and 4) Still, One JTO is getting stipend even after completion of 2 years . Sri.Nutan,GM told that, BSNL requires a revolutionary things to happen or BSNL requires the persons, who can bring revolutionary changes in BSNL. All the members have expressed to work for BSNL at their best capabilities. The DP,SNEA and AIBSNLEA have congratulated AIGETOA and also stressed upon the quick actions for early revival of BSNL. Sri.Ekambaram (9440868555) and Sri, Bhaskaraiah (9490445565),SDE are elected as DS and DP respectively.
  • 9th Dec 2010 : The Grand District Conference of Hyderabad Telecom District will be conducted on 19th December 2010. AIGETOA, General Secretary, Shri.RP Shahu, and CHQ President,Shri NJP Shilohu Rao will enlighten the conference with their presence. All the members of nearby SSAs are instructed to attend the conference and make it grand success. Venue : Hotel Ashoka,4th Floor, Lakadikapool, Hyderabad. Timings : 10AM to 5PM. Contact 9440648648 & 9490601799 for more details.
  • 9th Dec 2010 : District Conference of Warangal Telecom District will be conducted on 18th December 2010. It is our proud to tell that, AIGETOA, General Secretary, Shri.RP Shahu, and CHQ President,Shri NJP Shilohu Rao are attending the conference. All the members of nearby SSAs are instructed to attend the conference and make it grand success. Venue : Hotel Surabhi, KUC X Roads, Karimnagar Road, Hanumakonda. Timings : 10AM to 5PM. Contact 9490133778 & 9490134429 for further details.
  • 9th Dec 2010 : CS and CP are attending the Tirupati SSA conference & GMTD,Tirupati is been invited as Chief Guest for the conference.
  • 7th Dec 2010 : CS spoke with DGM(A) and enquired about the status of issues discussed on 29th Dec 2010. Madam informed, that the pay anomaly file of 2008&2009 DRJTOs is under process and , the tenure transfers will be finalised only after joining of GM(HRD) and CGM i.e. after 13th December.
  • 3rd Dec 2010:Venue for Tirupathi-SSA conference,Which is scheduled on 12th Dec 2010 : Hotel Tirumala residency,Near Reliance mart & bus-stand,Tirupathi.
  • 29th Nov 2010: CS along with Satya Vardhan,JS(South) and Srinvas,ACS met GM(HRD) and discussed on issues like : 1) Immediate release of tenure JTO transfers and Spouse cases- GM HRD assured and told that, the tenure transfers will be issued before 15th Dec at any cost, but we pleaded to release immediately, He instructed DGM(A) to early finalization of process. And spouse cases also will be examined by DGM(A). 2) Early clarification on giving E1-E2 by violating basic EPP rules - DGM(A) told that, Circle office has written a letter to Corporate office for clarification based on AIGETOA letter. 3) Diary grant - GM HRD told that, diary grant may expected to be granted and decision is awaited 4) Improper EPF account transfer on executives transfer cases - Instructions will be given to GMTDs for necessary action.5) Pay anomaly of 2008 & 2009 batches etc- It will be examined immediately and positive orders will be issued in due course of time. Finally we informed about our General Secretary tour in AP circle in December-2010 and invited GM and DGM(A) for the meeting.
  • 29th Nov 2010 :CS writes to CGMT AP Cirlce regarding non-participation of AIGETOA in the strike called by JAC from 1st Dec to 3rd Dec 2010. Click here for letterAll the DS are requested to write the same letter to GMTDs.
  • CS writes CGMT to resolve the pay anomaly of 2008& 2009 batch DRJTOs.
  • Most urgent: All the DS/DP kindly send the data of our members in the following proforma immediately to ensure the financial status of AIGETOA.< click here for proforma>.The data should be mailed to
  • All the DS/DP must ensure that, the members having salary accounts in State Bank India (SBI) should give standing instructions to their bank to deposit Rs.100 in Circle Account(30801386944,SBI,Kondapur Branch, Hyderabad) on 5th of every month.
  • Here is the diary requirement given by All DS/DP <Pls click here>. Kindly give final confirmation before 27th Nov.
  • Resolutions of CEC meeting held on 14th Nov 2011 at Hyderabad <click here>. All the bearers are requested to take best efforts to ensure the completion of works assigned.










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